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Chapter 143: World Five, Prison Tyrant and Prison Flower

Updated: May 17, 2020

She seemed to hear something terrible, how could this big man be… Is Little Eight deceiving her?

Nan Xun also wanted to ask in detail, but the policeman in front was impatient as he banged the baton on the table and roared, “Su Mobai! You really think that it’d be fine as long as you don’t speak? Laozi is just making a note now, can’t you cooperate even for a bit?!”

Nan Xun recalled the murder scene and suddenly felt that this Su Mobai was a downright bad luck.

Su Mobai was indeed a murderer, however, it was a murder by mistake. This world was more or less similar with Nanxun’s real world, if one did a homicide by mistake, the sentence would be at most five to ten years in jail.

Su Mobai was now 18 years old, if he was sentenced to five years, he will be 23 years old, and if he was sentenced to 10 years, he will be 28 years old then, it can still be called ‘young’. However, the unfortunate thing was, the person he accidentally killed was the famous rich second generation in this city. The reason why ‘money makes the mare go’ everywhere was the same, the parents of the deceased Cheng Hao lost their beloved son, they naturally didn’t want Su Mobai to have a good life.

What’s even more shocking was that, Su Mobai clearly got into this fight for protecting his roommate, but after this accident happened, his roommate didn’t even come forward to testify for him.

If it was a deliberate murder, the crime would be serious, and he can be sentenced to the world’s highest penalty: life imprisonment.

Nan Xun felt very angry. Looking at that police officer, his heart was seething with a flame of fury that she can’t help but chuckled, “Officer, that Cheng Hao, how much benefit did his dad give you to make me suffer?”

The voice she let out still sounded youthful, loud and clear, as expected, it was... a man’s.

When the policeman heard this, both of his eyes glared at once, he shouted, “You, this stupid guy, dares to openly defy the police, believe it or not, Laozi will take a good care of you!”

He showed his big teeth when he was angry, appearing all the more fiendish.

Nan Xun grinned at him, “There should be a CCTV here, furthermore, someone outside is watching, if you really dare to hit me, you’d have done it already.”

The big-toothed policeman waved his baton in spitting anger, but he suddenly smiled when he thought of something, his face full of malice, “Boy, you can escape for a while now, but wait until you’re in jail, everything will be beyond your control then.”

The policeman still wanted to speak, but at this moment, someone knocked on the door. A little policeman came in and whispered something in his ear. The big-toothed policeman’s face suddenly changed, “What? Zhao Dui from the city bureau is here? They’re outside? And they were just looking at the surveillance inside?”

After this big-toothed policeman changed his face as fast as a blink of an eye, Nan Xun was transferred to another place.

She was now sitting in an empty room.

“Little Eight, since we crossed into a wrong person, is there any way to change?” Taking advantage that there’s no one around to disturb her, Nan Xun asked Little Eight immediately.

Little Eight was silent for a while before saying, “I’m afraid I can’t. We can only cross over once in every world, altering too much operation’s trajectory will make it easy to be found out by the heaven, and once discovered, we can say goodbye to our pitiful life ah.”

Pausing for a while, Little Eight somewhat sympathized as he said, “Looks like we just have to abandon this world. Dearest ah, can you tolerate this grievance for me? This little beast just finished breaking the void, need some rest ah. I gave you that many spiritual energy for that spell at the last world, and after that, I still had to spend so much spiritual energy to break the void, even at the fastest ah, this little beast still need three years to accumulate enough energy.”

Without waiting for Nan Xun to curse people, Little Eight started to act cute, “Muach~, dearest, beloved, three years would pass in a flash ah, you have to know that this world is one of the lower-class one, its supernatural energy is thin ah, normally, I’d need five to six years before I can be restored, I’m already risking everything for you this time oh~.”

Nan Xun, “…Then, I really have to thank you. Honestly speaking, you’re really energetic this time, is there another reason?”

Little Eight confessed the truth, “Yes, because three years later is the day when Su Mobai die a tragic death.”

Nan Xun paused, without being mad, she only replied a sentence, “Alright, I understand, replenish your energy quickly.”

Little Eight was surprised, “Dearest ah, why aren't you blaming me?”

Nan Xun, “There’s no use blaming you ah.”

Little eight was so moved until its tears fell down, “Sob sob sob, I’ll quickly restore my energy for you.”

As the result, Nan Xun replied at once, “Little Eight, actually I’m really curious, you looked as if you already depleted all of your energy only to break the void once. The first time, because you wanted to cheat me to sign the soul contract, you pretended right in front of my face, taking me to shuttle back and forth those many worlds. You, who had cheated me this much, are actually only a void beast baby? How come you’re not dead from exhausting your spiritual energy yet?”

After Little Eight heard the jeer inside Nan Xun’s voice, it immediately howled its grievances, “If I didn’t cheat you, how can I gain your trust ah? Actually, father said that it’s very easy to break the void in the same world domain, but I have to step across worlds ah, furthermore, I still have to bring this nuisance while breaking the void, it’s a little…”

This ‘nuisance’ obviously pointing to Nan Xun.

“That… I have to close the door to practice asceticism. I can’t chat with you in this period of time to improve the efficiency, so take care of yourself ah~ Prison life is a little bitter, be sure to support yourself until I’m back. If you truly can’t hold it anymore, just shout my name three times in your heart, I’ll think of a way to keep your life, and afterwards, we can break the void again to leave this world.”

Nan Xun responded with a hum, and after that, Little Eight went silent as it already entered close door cultivation.

Nan Xun sat unperturbed on the chair, waiting for Zhao Dui that was mentioned by the policeman to come.

In fact, Nan Xun felt somewhat shocked. Su Mobai’s family background was common with parents that died an early death, leaving his grandmother to raise him alone. It was very difficult for him to pass the university entrance exam, yet it was really unexpected that he would commit a homicide when he just started his university life for less than one year. His grandmother was so shocked until she breathed her last, making him a true orphan in all kind of sense.

And so, Su Mobai basically didn’t know any high personages, why would this Zhao Dui or whatever wanted to see him?

Right at this time, the door was opened by someone. A man in his middle age wearing an everyday clothes entered, a square face, ordinary appearance and upright gaze, one look and she knew that he worked as a policeman.

The man with the square face pulled the chair near Nan Xun and sat down on it. He slightly smiled towards her, his look was very amiable.

“I’m Zhao Dui from the city bureau’s special case group, you can directly call me Zhao Dui, or just call me Uncle Zhao.” The man said.

When Nan Xun heard his background, her gaze moved, immediately pulling up the corners of her mouth into a smile, “Hello, Uncle Zhao.”

The man, perhaps should still be called a young boy, revealed two rows of white teeth when smiling, appearing like a dashing sunshine, utterly dazzling. In this way, he didn’t look like a murderer at all.

A strange colour streaked across Zhao Dui’s eyes, before he immediately resumed a serious expression. He said with a formal tone, “Su Mobai, male, 18 years old, freshman in B university, have good relationships with people, handsome features, can play basketball and fight, conferred as the most handsome boy in the university.”


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