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Chapter 144: Yo, Such A Juicy Boy

Updated: May 17, 2020

On one side, Zhao Dui observed Su Mobai’s expression, while on the other side he continued, “At April 4th, Zhang Feitao and Cheng Hao quarreled in the dormitory, leading to the fight between the two people. You went to mediate, which resulted in a scuffle with Cheng Hao. In the process of it, you accidentally pushed Cheng Hao to the side of the table, and the back of his head was stabbed with the sharp edge of the table, the cause of the death was excessive bleeding.”

After saying this, Zhao Dui’s corners of the mouth were plastered with a smile, “Mobai, you say, is what Uncle Zhao say is right?”

Nan Xun was somewhat shocked, her mind turned around as she hastily said, “What Uncle Zhao said wasn’t wrong, it was I who murdered Cheng Hao because of a slip of my hand, but that son of a b***h Zhang Feitao took the profit given by the Cheng family and won’t testify for me. My verbal statements can’t be counted as a guarantee, so I’m afraid I would be sentenced with life imprisonment.”

Zhao Dui moved closer, both of his eyes stared fixedly at him, “Child, you seemed as if you’re not afraid of anything. Do you realize what ‘life imprisonment’ means? It means that you will stay in jail for all your lifetime! Are you willing to waste yourself inside the jail for the remainder of your life?

Nan Xun was a little bit enticed by his words, but she pretended to not understand anything, only opening her eyes wide in shock, “Didn’t Uncle Zhao already investigate the truth? Your title is this big, yet you still let them frame me and sentence me to life imprisonment? Are you still a public servant of the people?"

Zhao Dui sighed, he stretched his hand to pat the boy’s shoulder, “Child, Uncle also investigated these things using a bit of tricks, but it still can’t help you.”

Nan Xun became taciturn, followed by Zhao Dui.

After a while has passed in silence, Zhao Dui suddenly opened his mouth and said a sentence, “Mobai ah, Uncle just saw the monitor outside for quite a long time, seeing you faced that police’s interrogation, your psychological quality can be considered very good. Although Uncle can’t help you immediately, but Uncle still have an indirect approach. It’s just right that I have this one very troublesome matter that needs someone to handle, if you can help Uncle do this, then in the future, you not only can reduce your sentence, but there’s still an opportunity to…”

One hour later.

Thinking about what Zhao Dui said to her, Nan Xun laughed inside.

Such a dog blood drama, although this idea just flashed through her mind, but she really didn’t expect that the other party really planted her as a mole inside the prison.

Nan Xun felt whether she agreed or not won’t make much of a difference, however, if she agreed to it ah, this Zhou Dui can change her prison. Rather than waiting for her fate to be tortured and killed by Cheng family’s people in the original prison she was meant to be placed, Nan Xun easily chose to agree to his offer. At any rate, after she endured for three years, Little Eight would come and get her. At that time, she would wave her sleeve without taking even a piece of cloud. [T/N: say goodbye without remorse]

As for the man who Zhao Dui mentioned, Nan Xun felt that there’s no harm to try and get close to. But if she can’t approach, then she will just leave it at that. Anyway, she won’t die even if she didn’t finish the task given from Zhao Dui.

At this day, Nan Xun who got to be a man for the first time in all of her life, entered the jail because of intentional murder.

This prison has a really wonderful name -- Meihuan Prison. [T/N: beautiful large domain]

However, this place was in no way beautiful. It was said that all those who was imprisoned inside were extremely atrocious and evil. Inside of the jail was congested with illness, fight, assassination and all kinds of torment.

It’s not that there’s no one who took charge of this prison, but rather the jailer all have no right to interfere.

This place didn’t have death penalty, the most grave penalty was life imprisonment, and unless you seek trouble for yourself, the patrolling police would happily lend you their gun to kill yourself. Allegedly, one fifth of the people who entered this place all chose suicide. To escape from here, they had tried all ways to cross that 7 meter high wired net. The result, if it wasn’t electrocuted to death, it would be beaten to death by those patrolling police.

Hence, it wasn’t hard to imagine the life inside this prison absolutely won’t be the life of what a person should live through.

Nan Xun can’t die, so she only have to think of ways to defend herself.

Aside from Zhao Dui and the warden of this prison, there’s no one else who knew about Nan Xun’s status. ‘He’ was only a normal university student that was sentenced to life imprisonment because of intentional murder.

Thus, Nan Xun was pushed inside a prison cell crudely by a prison guard, “2333, you’ll live here from today onwards. Go get your own things half an hour later.”

2333, this was really a comical number ah. [T/N: laughing expression]

One room was filled with three bunk beds, altogether it can hold up to 6 people. When Nan Xun entered, there were already 5 people inside. One person was lying on the bottom bed, snoring while sleeping, while the remaining 4 people were sitting on the ground, playing cards with crossed legs. This kind of scene seemingly was very common, so the jailer turned a blind eye to them, as if he hadn’t seen anything.

When Nan Xun entered, except for the sleeping person, all the people inside the room uniformly raised their heads to look at him.

To be honest, these four people all looked fiendish, the expression in their eyes were fierce and malicious. Among them was a big, fierce-looking bald head that one would know within a glance not to make a trifle with.

“Yo, such a juicy one.” A stunning colour flashed through one person’s eyes, he whistled loudly to Nan Xun’s appearance.

“Little brother, what did you do to get in here? You look really young ah, still a boy who hasn’t grown his hair yet, ha ha ha!” That fierce-looking bald head laughed, and the other also followed to laugh with him.

Nan Xun expressionlessly looked at these few people, the corners of his mouth suddenly curved faintly, spitting out a word with a smiling face, “Murder.”

This boy’s smile was really too handsome ah. He originally looked very clean and handsome, especially those eyes, sparkling and clear, as if they were filled with stars when he smiled.

Entering this prison from heavy sentence didn’t require him to shave his head, so he still retained that jet-black smooth hair, lining that delicate face, making him looked even more like a harmless small animal.

Such a neat and clean boy entering this Meihuan Prison, that was just like a tiny sheep entering a nest full of wolves, doomed to be at the bottom of the food chain.

The few people who heard this one word ‘murder’ stopped their laughter, but after a moment of pause, a bigger laughter erupted from their crude throats.

One man with a crooked mouth laughed until he had to hold his waist, “I say, little brother ah, don’t brag too much, you look like you can’t even truss a chicken, still say that you killed people?”

Nan Xun slightly slanted his head, the smile on the corners of his mouth didn’t reduce even one bit, “You can ask the jailer, intentional murder, sentenced to life imprisonment.”

The few people saw that he didn’t look like he was fabricating a lie, thus they now really stopped their laughter.

The baldy also entered because of murder. That day, someone took the lead to bully his brothers, and with his fiery temperament, he hurled a rod right at his enemy’s head, immediately opening a flower of brain and blood.

Originally, the police didn’t care about this kind of matter, but didn’t know which blockhead reported this matter to them, the police then rushed and took him into custody. Afterwards, he was sentenced to life imprisonment, rotting and wasting all of his time inside this jail.

Once he heard that this boy in front of him was also imprisoned because of murder, the baldy can’t help but became somewhat interested. He kicked the little brother on his side, patting the place while saying, “C’mon, little brother, chat with big brother for a while.”

Nan Xun didn’t give him a cold shoulder. He walked over and sat down at his side with crossed legs, speaking with an especially familiar tone, “Big brother, just a glance and I knew that you’re this place’s boss.”

Baldy became happy once he heard this, he patted Nan Xun’s shoulder and said, “Little brother ah, big brother feel that you’re quite good. Just follow this big brother later, with me, I guarantee there’s no one brave enough to bully you.”

The few little brothers at the side, when they heard this sentence, they knew that their boss’s heart had shifted to the newcomer.

Here comes a bootlicker.


The pretty boy's adventure inside the jail has begun! (≧∀≦)

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