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Chapter 145: Don’t Play Tricks Anymore

Updated: May 17, 2020

“Little brother, come and introduce yourself to these few brothers.” Baldy said.

Nan Xun’s first words caused them to treat him with a new respect, “My name’s Su Mobai, a freshman from B University, still hasn't finished my first year at school.”

“Damn, a university student, and it’s B University to boot, this name is really refined and cultured ah, hearing it once, I already know that you're a scholar.” Old Three obviously worshiped this kind of people, his gaze at Nan Xun immediately changed at once.

There were people of all sorts who came to Meihuan Prison, and nearly a quarter of them were sentenced with life-imprisonment, but there were only a few people of high knowledge, thus when they heard that Nan Xun was a college student, they all looked at him like a giant panda.

Nan Xun continued to say: “It was indeed a murder, but it was by mistake. I tried to save a brother of mine from another people in a fight, but because of a moment of carelessness, I accidentally killed this person. This person’s family had money and power, so I was charged with intentional murder. That brother that I saved also didn’t come forward to testify for me, and so, here I am, sentenced with life imprisonment.”

Baldy admired this kind of person who would save his brother, “That brother of yours is really a bast**d.”

Nan Xun grinned, “He’s a bast**d indeed, I’d kill him if I have the opportunity to go out”

Everyone loved listening to this kind of story, but they didn’t expect that such a tender-looking boy had a ruthless character.

But this also meant that because he entered this prison, furthermore with a life imprisonment, even if he performed well, he’s unlikely to go out in his lifetime.

Several people sympathized with him, but most were gloating over his misfortune.

Of course the people who entered here weren’t people of good character, Nan Xun also didn’t expect any sympathy from the people in this cell.

But Nan Xun was good in familiarizing himself in the first place, so he soon got in touch with other people in the group.

The bald head was the cell’s boss, everyone called him Brother Tie, and the one who was sleeping was Old two [second in charge] named Du Pan, who knew how to get things done and good at handling people. The rest were all big and crude people with bulging muscle, and according to the number of seniority, Nan Xun was the last to come, so he’s called Old six.

Hearing the boss’ demon-like laughter, Old two was soon woken up from the noise. He heard that the newcomer had come, so he got together quickly.

He stared at Nan Xun for a long time, and suddenly laughed maliciously, “Six ah, don’t blame Second brother for reminding you like this, but with you looking like this inside this prison, you’re gonna become a proper prison flower sooner or later, do you understand what prison flower means?”

Nan Xun felt a bitter cold towards these two words. She’s a man now, how can she be called a prison flower this or prison grass that ah. And what the heck with looking ‘juicy’? She had looked in the mirror, and this body was obviously a threatening but handsome and dashing young man ah.

When Brother Tie heard Old Two’s words, he frowned slightly but said nothing.

After Nan Xun recognized the people in the cell, he went to the jailer’s post to collect his things.

After he left, the few people in the cell laughed heartily.

“Brother, this kid looks so good, you can’t cover for him forever ah, you know the prison bully in our cell district A, he doesn’t care jacksh*t about rules or whatnot, there’s gonna be a good show tonight.” Second in charge, Du Pan, whistled in a good mood.

Seeing such a clean boy being humiliated and trampled, tsk, he really can’t bear to ah.

Brother Tie rubbed his slick head, his expression was a little tangled as he said, “Dao Ba has a ruthless character and we can’t afford to provoke him. No one can help him in this matter, just wait for him to pass this crisis himself.”

“A learned person’s self esteem is said to be extremely strong, won’t he try to kill if he can’t stand this hurdle?” Old three said, but there wasn’t much worry in his words.

Old Five shrugged, “Didn’t Old three and Old four pass this too? Old two was lucky, he came early, so he didn’t meet with Dao Ba.”

Nan Xun went to the jailer and took a basin, a stainless steel cup, a toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as a towel and a piece of soap. In addition to the prison uniform he wore, he received another set to change into.

This prison uniform was pretty good, dark blue color, although it’s a loose style, but it’s not particularly loose. There’s a white stripe on both sides of the leg and arm's part, making the people wearing it looked lively.

The prison guard already lead Nan Xun to recognize his cell, so this time after he took his things, he returned to the cell himself.

The cell building was quite large with four floors in total. One side of the aisle was the cell, and the other side was the railing, the kind which enclosed all sides and made a quadrilateral shape. After the people in each cell came out, supported by the railing, they can look down to the empty concrete of the first floor where they usually gather in the morning.

The cell where Nan Xun was assigned to was 242, located on the second floor. When he was thinking about something, he simply didn’t pay attention to the scattered people on the third and fourth floor leaning against the railing while looking down. When their gazes fell on his body, their eyes quickly filled with malice, while several people already laughed wretchedly.

After Nan Xun entered his cell, he greeted the few people inside and climbed to the innermost bunk bed, closing his eyes to take a short rest.

Old two knocked on the metal bed railing and reminded with a smile, “Six ah, dinner's at 6.15, don’t be late, finish your meal early, we still have some activity in our spare time at night oh.”

When he said this, the few other people exchanged glances while Boss only stared at Old two without interrupting.

Nan Xun always felt that the smile in Du Pan’s eyes carried a hint of malice, however, this time,they were filled with a kind of gloating and impatience for a good show.

Nan Xun nodded his head to him, “Thanks for Second brother’s reminder.”

Midway through, Nan Xun went to the toilet. She subconsciously wanted to squat, but as soon as she took off her pants and saw the extra dangling stuff, her whole person suddenly felt so uncomfortable.

He, hehe, almost forgot, I’m a man now.

Nan Xun began to hypnotize herself, I’m a man, a man, I’ll be a ‘he’ in the future, no longer a ‘she’.

However, after the hypnosis was over, Nan Xun still couldn’t directly look at that extra thing. With trembling hands for support, he quickly solved the physiological problem and returned to his cell.

Perhaps he was too tired, Nan Xun deeply slept for a full two hours, and when he finally woke up, he found that there’s no one in the cell anymore. Looking at the clock hanging in the hall, it was around 6.10, just in time to go to the cafeteria.

However, when Nan Xun went to the cafeteria, he found that it was already packed full with people, there was basically no more room left for him, and in the food counter , she can only found bits of leftovers.

As soon as Nan Xun entered the cafeteria, countless inquiring eyes filled with ill intentions fell on him.

Only then did Nan Xun know that he was fooled. The meal time should be at six.


Taking food at this time, not only he had to eat leftovers, but he also can’t find any seat because everyone just finished taking their meals and were still savoring it.

Nan Xun walked with indifferent face to get some vegetable soup, planning to eat it with a big bowl of white rice.

However, even if his gaze went back and forth for a week, he still can’t find any place to sit.

Finally, his eyes brightened when he found several empty seats, but he soon discovered that something was wrong.

He found several vacant seats making a circle shape without anyone sitting on them, however, there was only one man sitting in the middle seat.


First lesson in prison: Don't believe anyone.ಠ_ಠ

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