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Chapter 146: This Newcomer Is Acting Recklessly

Updated: May 17, 2020

This person’s back was facing Nan Xun so Nan Xun couldn’t see his appearance clearly, he only felt that his back was very sturdy, even better looking than those fashion models.

His sitting posture was very proper, his right hand that was holding chopsticks moved finely in a regular motion between his mouth and the meal plate. Although he can’t see the front, but Nan Xun already can feel that his movements must be elegant.

Nan Xun thought that this person either can’t be trifled with, or has an infectious disease that other people didn’t dare to get close to him.

Weighing things in his mind, Nan Xun then walked over with light steps, and moved the chair behind him.

At first, only a small half of his buttocks squeezed over lightly, she sustained her posture like this for a few seconds. After discovering that there’s nothing unusual, she just directly sat completely.

Then, Nan Xun patiently listened to the movements behind him for a while, but he didn’t hear any major movements.

And thus, Nan Xun was relieved. He guessed that the man just didn’t like people staring at him while eating, now he had chosen to sit back to back with him and just silently become an invisible person, so he shouldn’t be bothering him, right?

Reassured, Nan Xun then started to pick up his own rice. When he was hungry, he felt that everything was delicious, even though he was just eating soup with rice.

Nan Xun, who was focused on eating, didn’t notice that just when she sat down on the dining chair, all the noises in the cafeteria had suddenly disappeared, only the voices of some people sucking a cold breath could be heard.

Everyone stared at the newcomer who just entered the A district prison tyrant’s territory, acting recklessly as he pushed the food inside his mouth, eating the rice soup as if it was more delicious than pork, without the slightest idea how fierce the beast looked like behind him!

Seemingly perceiving that someone had entered his territory, the man’s eating movements suddenly stopped.

The crowd subconsciously held their breath, the blood in their hearts boiled instantly.

Come on! Lift your fist and break that newcomer’s head! Let his fresh blood fly to his own lunchbox so he won’t dare go against your tyrannical power!

However, the joyful heart of the prisoners waited for nothing.

Except for the short pause just now, the man had no other reaction.

He slowly finished the food in his box, picked up a tissue to wipe his mouth and… got up.

The man who stood up finally turned around, his gaze landed on Nan Xun’s head accurately, staring at it for a few seconds.

Then, with a turn of his step, he just walked away.

When the man’s back disappeared completely, the canteen exploded with great clamour.

More and more inquiring eyes fell into Nan Xun, but Nan Xun couldn't care less, he just continued shoving the rice soup to his mouth.

Just look if you want, even if you look, I still won’t lose any meat.

Returning to his cell after dinner, Nan Xun made an ugly face to Du Pan. He knew the other inmates were also his partner because they acted as if they were deaf. However, Nan Xun still had to greet the boss.

Du Pan shrugged at him, “Little Six, I know you blame me for lying to you, but I just want to give you a simple lesson. In here, don’t believe anyone, because there’s no… good person in here. If you can’t even bear this anger, then what will you do at the night feast?”

“Night feast?” Nan Xun frowned, he felt that what Du Pan said was unreliable, so he turned to Brother Tie, “Boss, tell me the truth, no matter what will happen, I can still mentally prepare myself.”

Brother Tie rubbed his shining bald head as he somewhat awkwardly said, “Little Six ah, it’s not that big brother doesn’t want to help you, it’s really because this brother is unable to help you You just have to bear with it, everyone here also had to pass this.”

Nan Xun rolled his eyes inside his heart, in the end, what matter are you gonna say to me? You said that there’s no need to panic, but you appeared to be flustered yourself.

When Brother Tie was about to explain, cheers suddenly sounded outside the cell door. The square corridor was quickly filled with people, whistling and bustling with laughter.

At this time, someone knocked on 242 cell door. The prison guards who had just finished their meal won’t care about anything, so the people who knocked on the cell door of course won’t be them.

The people outside the door shouted, “Newcomer, come out quick! The welcoming ceremony is about to begin!”

Welcoming ceremony?

Nan Xun intuitively felt that something bad was going to happen.

Brother Tie looked at Nan Xun, “Little Six, remember what brother had said to you, no matter what happen tonight, just grit your teeth and endure. After you pass this night, you will become a brave man.”

When Nan Xun was still stunned, 242 cell door was already opened by Old Three. Brother Tie walked in front, while Nan Xun was pushed forward by Old Two to stand in the middle.

Just when he walked out of the cell, Nan Xun’s heart jumped in fright seeing the condition outside.

The corridor of 2nd to 4th floor were packed full of people watching the first floor hall while leaning against the railings. After Nan Xun walked out, the crowd let out especially vulgar laughter that made Nan Xun baffled.

On the first floor empty cement floor, stood around a dozen to twenty big and burly men, all around the level of Brother Tie.

But the one figure who lead them almost made that loose prisoner clothes burst open by his robust muscles. His pair of narrow eyes showed ruthless and sinister glint, along with a knife scar that streaked from his forehead, across his eyebrow, all the way to his left face, looking absolutely fierce.

Nan Xun already asked about this person. This man was the Cell District A’s second in command, a well-known prison bully, nicknamed ‘Dao Ba’, known as Brother Dao. [T/N: Daoba = scar from knife, Dao = knife]

Standing behind Dao Ba was a dozen or so inmates who should be his gang member, they all looked quite ugly and threatening.

Nan Xun had already been pushed to the middle by that wretch Du Pan, so no one was behind him anymore right now.

There was one more newcomer that came at the same time with Nan Xun, a man in his late thirties with a waning appearance. At the moment, that man was bending and scraping to curry favor while standing at the side, smiling ‘hehe’ to the people who waited upon Dao Ba.

Dao Ba sneered coldly, stretched his one hand, and a younger brother immediately passed him a stainless steel cup.

And then, just like this, he started to pour the *water right in front of the crowd. [hint: yellow]

The people from the second to the fourth floor all watched with excitement, concentrating their gazes at Dao Ba’s *big weapon, simultaneously cheering with some blowing out whistle noises. [hint: dangling]

The stainless steel cup was fully filled with a liquid that’s emitting a rotten stench, immediately making Nan Xun wrinkled his nose and brows.

If he really wanted to do what he thought he might do, Nan Xun might really blow that whatever Dao Ba’s rotten brain to pieces!

Without waiting for Dao Ba to open his mouth, the newcomer beside Nan Xun suddenly ran over, snatching the thing in his hand and ‘gulp gulp’ swallowed it down with big mouthfuls. After drinking it clean, he still smashed the cup down in satisfaction.

“Hehe, tasty, tasty.” The newcomer’s expression truly seemed like he just drank an excellent and refreshing beverage.

Nan Xun watched with mouth agape and eyes widened.

This newcomer’s behavior really made people open their scope of view, the crowd from the upper floor already roared with laughter.

“This fellow truly knows how to be sensible ah…”

“However, he finished all of Brother Dao’s sacred water, what would that other sweetie drink then? Hehehe…”

Dao Ba was pleased by the newcomer’s boot-licking actions, but he still stretched his leg and kicked him away, swearing while talking, “Blockhead, you drank it all, what should the other drink?”

The newcomer held his thigh and flattered, “Brother Dao, it’s just too tasty, I forgot to give some to little brother for a moment.”

Nan Xun, “…”


Nan Xun: "..."

Me: "..." *puking my guts out* (´π`)

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