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Chapter 147: The Man On The Fourth Floor

Updated: May 19, 2020

Dao Ba was pleased, he roared with laughter, “Alright, wait a little, this big brother will refill the water. You come up first for the rest of the ceremony, let the cute little brother behind you learn a bit, lest he’s unable to tell good from bad.”

After saying this, Dao Ba spread the his two legs apart, the dozen plus people lined up into a row behind the newcomer.

Nan Xun opened his mouth slightly… umm…

The newcomer very consciously prostrated using his hands and feet to get drilled simultaneously.

Every time he was drilled, the people who drilled will then spit on his body.

After the dozen or so people had finished drilling, his prison uniform can’t even be recognized anymore.

[T/N: my dear readers, drilling a hole is an euphemism for something that happens between a stick and a hole, iykwim.]

Nan Xun looked at the scene while frowning all the way.

After doing these two things, the ceremony still wasn't finished yet. Dao Ba swept a glance to some people behind, “You guys, not interested?”

Those people shook their heads together while one said, “Brother Dao, this one looks so ugly, we can’t even get it up.”

After that, he looked at Nan Xun for a while, gulping down a mouthful of saliva.

Dao Ba rolled his eyes at him, “You sh*t head, but, yeah, this boy is a hundred times better than the current prison flower in our district A, tsk, such a stunner ah. Laozi tell you guys, until Laozi is bored of him, none of you are allowed to make a move. Otherwise, don’t blame Laozi for not caring about brotherhood.”

The person who spoke had a trace of unwillingness, but he could only nodded his head, “It’s as what Brother Dao said.”

Dao Ba’s gaze turned and landed on Nan Xun.

Su Mobai originally loved sports, although he didn’t have a body full of muscle, but his body was still very strong and sturdy. With a height of 1.78 meters, slender and lithe body, perfectly straight legs and a clear and pretty face. The stray bangs in front of his forehead slid down lazily, but they still can’t cover his clean eyes, the nose was straight, and his lips also had a touch of pink hue.

Such a person was really a stunner, especially for people with special hobbies.

Dao Ba felt a rare compassion, “Forget it, this grandpa is fond of you, I’ll exempt you from the first procedure. Come here, after drilling your cave, you can be considered as this grandpa’s person.”

Those who watched with excitement heard this and made a loud noise.

It’s so rare ah, the ruthless Dao Ba who’d seek revenge just for an angry look thrown at him, unexpectedly can also become soft-hearted like this.

Why were’t they born with a handsome face when they first came here ah?

Old Two, Du Pan, who was standing at the second floor while watching the scene, hurriedly whispered, “Little Six, you’d better get drilled faster, otherwise Brother Dao will regret this later!”

Nan Xun suddenly laughed.

Once this big boy smiled, he can immediately hook people ah. With his mouth raised, his smiling black eyes were bright as if you could squeeze water out of them.

He walked slowly to the rows of drills prepared for him, looked to Dao Ba at the head seat, and narrowed his eyes slightly.

[T/N: rows of caves... Dao Ba's lackeys that were ready to do some drilling]

Everyone started to rowdily jeered, “Drill! Drill! Boy, drill quickly, hahahaha...”

In the hubbub of voices, the loud and harsh jeers of the people suddenly lowered until absolute silence reigned all around.

Thump, thump, thump.

The sound of a pair of shoes walking on the floor was heard, one by one, following a fixed pattern.

It was obviously a pair of ordinary prison shoes, but worn on that person’s feet, they gave off a feeling of high-grade leather shoes instead.

Everyone held their breaths, they didn’t even dare to let out any big breaths. They secretly looked up and aimed their gazes towards the man walking on the fourth floor corridor.

Even Dao Ba and his followers didn’t dare to let out a fart, they waited for the man to walk away with great respect.

Nan Xun couldn’t help looking up only to see the back of a man.

He walked casually on the corridor of the fourth floor, and those people on the same fourth floor who were watching the excitement below, all subconsciously scattered far away from him. If the floor wasn’t too high, Nan Xun would suspect that they will just jump directly from above.

The man’s hands were inserted in his trouser pockets, passing behind those men, his perfectly straight and slender legs casually stepped in large strides, his speed wasn’t fast nor slow, appearing to be unbridled and leisurely.

If this wasn’t inside the Cell District A, Nan Xun would think that he’s a model walking on the cat walk stage, although he can’t see his face, but just looking at that back view, he already knew that his figure must be really good.

Because the cuffs were rolled up, it revealed half section of the arm. The skin was of light bronze color, the muscles were even and firm, the lines were smooth and beautiful, and the pale blue veins slightly bulging on it could be seen vaguely.

Although everyone was watching, but all they could muster was a slight peep because of their terror. Nan Xun really didn’t know the ropes, so he stared at the man’s head with such carelessness.

A moment of pause, the man suddenly turned his head and glanced at Nan Xun with a sharp gaze.

Just a collision, he looked away again and entered a room quickly.

Nan Xun caught the indifference in his eyes, then glanced at the direction of the room he entered.

Oh, toilet.

This mental case ah, isn’t it just going to a toilet? I thought that it was some kind of a big matter.

However, the crowd really regarded it as a big matter as they remained almost breathless and stood still in the same place, and because of this, the welcoming ceremony was put on hold.

The air turned quiet, everybody was looking at each other, their expressions were slightly relaxed right until a running water sound came from the toilet, then everyone’s nerves were abruptly stretched taut again.

After that, the sound of footsteps sounded again.

This time, the man was facing Nan Xun, so Nan Xun could finally saw his face, but because of the angle, he could only saw his side profile.

The eyebrows were sharp, the bridge of his nose was straight, the lips were relatively thin and the chin was slightly raised, an appearance of extreme conceit and domination.

All of a sudden, he stopped half-way. He turned his face to the side, and his thin lips lifted up slightly as he spitted out a word lightly, “You guys, do as you please.”

That voice was deep and powerful, with an innate imperial majesty that made people subconsciously obey.

Waiting until the man disappeared completely from the corridor, the crowd all finally exhaled a relaxed breath.

Nan Xun drew a conclusion from the reaction of the crowd: this person was very awesome, and also had some background.

Those person who just hooted fiercely would suddenly acted like a mouse seeing a cat once they saw him. Even the burly Dao Ba in front of him, Nan Xun can still saw a trace of fear from his eyes, although he tried his best to maintain his calmness on the surface, but that fear had already seeped deep down into his bone marrow.

He can make this man fear him. Not only him, but everyone are all afraid of him.

“Brother Dao, seemed like King Yan Luo [Hell King, Yama] just let us continue.” A younger brother behind Dao Ba whispered, breaking the death silence all around.

Dao Ba returned to his senses, and laughed heartily with complacence, “You bloke, as expected, you really provoked King Yan Luo. Even if he’s angry, he won’t just talk any nonsense, but he actually let this grandpa to do as I please!”

Nan Xun’s expression changed slightly.

King Yan Luo?

Could it be that this person was the one that Zhao Dui told for me to get close to, Yan Luo?

He thought it would be a big man like Dao Ba, didn’t expect…

This is completely different from what I imagined, really different ah. But, when did I provoke this man?

Suddenly, Nan Xun remembered what happened in the canteen just now.

No way ah, I just sat in the dining chair behind him without even touching him, why would he hate me?


ML, the king of hell, has come! (ノ^o^)ノ

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