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Chapter 148: But, Why Should I Listen To You?

Updated: May 17, 2020

“Little boy, you even provoked King Yan Luo, you won’t be able to walk around in the future. Now, only grandpa, I, can cover for you. Come here, drill this hole and this grandpa will take you back and talk nicely with you.” Dao Ba said with a rough voice, his pair of thin eyes were staring straight at Nan Xun, circling at his perfectly straight legs.

Nan Xun felt very uncomfortable being sized up by him, and he also didn’t want to beat around the bust as he said, “But, why should I listen to you?”

After hearing that sentence, Dao Ba’s face immediately became black, “Little boy, you’re not giving me face! Lao Zi had already exempted you from doing the first ritual, you’re asking for a yard after I gave you an inch!”

“No, I’m asking you very seriously, why should I listen to you?” The teenager lifted his head slightly to look at him, there was a bewildered expression inside his pitch black and bright eyes.

Dao Ba swallowed the saliva he almost spitted out and patiently explained, “Lao Zi is the second in command here, you’ve to do what I say, otherwise, Lao Zi will beat you to death!”

This wasn’t a false statement, because there were a lot of fierce criminals in here, and that there’s no death penalty in this world, so long as it’s not killing in front of the jailer, it’s very normal for several people to die here everyday.

The prison guards also looked forward to the inmates fighting and killing each other so they can save up some money on food.

Nan Xun wasn’t frightened by his words, his mouth slightly bent in a smirk, “Why do they listen to you? Because you’re the most powerful?”

Dao Ba grinned, “What superfluous words, little boy, Lao Zi saw that your look isn’t bad so I patiently explained a few words for you. If you know how to be tactful, then quickly continue the ritual, or else, don’t blame Lao Zi for breaking your flower viciously, this new Prison Flower.”

The two words ‘Prison Flower’ came out, and immediately, the people upstairs roared with laughter.

There’s only one Prison Flower in Cell District A, and that person’s role was to be a toy to be played with. From being Dao Ba’s second hand, handed to the third and the fourth behind him, as long as there’s a craving, this Prison Flower can’t escape from being their plaything.

In Meihuan Prison, the strong is the king, the weak only served as the prey of the strong. If you have no ability to fight against the other, then you can only end up being bullied and insulted.

Such was the law of the prison.

Nan Xun stretched out his hand and pointed to Dao Ba in front of him. He smiled and said, “If I beat you today, then I wouldn’t have to listen to you, right?”

As soon as this words came out, there was first a silence around them, followed by a deafening laughter that erupted immediately.

“Hahaha!! What did this stinky kid who haven’t even grow his hair yet talking about? If he can beat Brother Dao?! Hahaha!!!”

“This is the best joke I’ve ever heard ever since I entered this prison!”

“This kid is challenging Brother Dao’s authority, already gave him a face to take a shortcut, why can’t he be sensible ah?! This is too good, there’s gonna be an interesting show to watch…”

In fact, there were many newcomers who felt insulted and wanted to fight with Dao Ba, however, these newcomers were beaten by Dao Ba, and even some with bad luck were killed by him on the spot.

Even if Dao Ba killed people, but no one dared to make a confession when they were questioned by the jailers, so he had acted rampant all the way to the present.

Hearing the crowd’s laughter, Dao Ba’s mouth twitched and he spitted on the ground. The other’ disobedience had made him angry.

Nan Xun raised his chin towards him, “I’ll fight alone with you, if you lose, then later you have to make a detour whenever you see me.”

“Stinky boy, if it weren’t for your handsome face, Lao Zi would’ve beaten you until your teeth flew all over! Now you’re asking me for it, don’t blame Lao Zi for being cruel!”

Nan Xun chuckled lightly, his eyebrows raised, this frivolous and haughty appearance of his really made people hate until their teeth ache.

“Stinky boy, you’re seeking death!”

Dao Ba was irritated by him so he decided to give this little kid a bit of a show to look at. He cracked his fist, rolled up his sleeves and sent a punch directly to Nan Xun.

That one punch was as heavy as 30 thousand jin, and that punch also brought a strong wind, if someone was hit by this fist, it’s very likely that they would immediately be paralyzed on the ground.

[T/N: 1 jin is 0.6 kg or 1.3 pound, this 30k jin is clearly exaggerated]

Nan Xun’s eyes widened slightly, his body flexed to the side all of a sudden, twisting the other’ arm ruthlessly at 360° before sending a kick to Dao Ba’s back.

Dao Ba made a cry and staggered forward. Nan Xun took this opportunity and jumped suddenly, as If flying up, and used both of his legs to kick Dao Ba’s back of the head. The strength he used for this kick was so great that he tramped that lumps of muscle to directly hit his forehead right to the cement floor, sending out a loud and clear knocking sound.

This series of actions happened in the blink of an eye, the crowd hadn’t responded yet, but Dao Ba of the Cell District A was already knocked down by an 18 year old kid.

In an instance, the audience went silent, everyone was dumbfounded.

Nan Xun knew that he was just taking the opportunity because Dao Ba was belittling him. The opponent can become a prison bully in all these years, it’s not at all easy and dandy, so Nan Xun can’t give any chance for him to fight back, he had to hit his fatal points immediately.

Thanks to the original Su Mobai for playing basketball regularly, and thanks that he got into fights from time to time, this body’s physique had been tempered quite a lot, or else, even if Nan Xun knew a few moves, if the body was too weak, he simply can’t get the strength to execute it properly.

Dao Ba’s brain was shaken because of this one hit, he almost didn’t know what way was up or down.

Waiting until he returned to his senses, he lifted his head hastily and caught sight of the blood smeared on the floor. His eyes immediately turned red, “Lao Zi will beat you to death!”

However, as soon as he finished speaking, Nan Xun flew over and hit him hard even before he had the time to get up. He followed by twisting Dao Ba’s pair of hands to the back, pressing his elbows firmly, and at the same time using both of his knees to put pressure on the opponent’s two legs.

Nan Xun grabbed Dao Ba’s hair and lifted his bulky head, hitting it ruthlessly against the concrete floor.

Bang! Bang! Bang!!

After being hit like this for five to six times, Dao Ba’s forehead already had a bloody hole on it.

The brutal fight that had exerted all of Nan Xun’s effort was very frightening. He can still restrain himself if it’s just a petty bullying, but when he thought that all the people here were all sentenced with heavy punishment from violating severe bad deeds and that his opponent wanted to humiliate him, how can he think about restraining himself anymore? And that was how he released his all to fight back.

Dao Ba also realized that if he didn’t resist, he might lose the chance to turn the tables.

Suddenly, he screamed ferociously as all of the blue veins over his body bulged out. Nan Xun’s expression changed, he immediately increased his strength to put more pressure.

However, at the next moment, he experienced his opponent’s huge, bullish strength.

Nan Xun was thrown away by Dao Ba, the huge force shocked him that he fell a few steps backwards.

After Dao Ba broke free from him, he immediately got up from the floor. Nan Xun just smashed Dao Ba's head on the cement floor several times, but it seemed as if there’s nothing wrong at all except for the blood running down from to his cheeks, his body didn’t shake even for a bit.

Those thin eyes were filled with vicious, beastly ruthlessness, there was no other thoughts in his head right now; he only wanted to kill the stinky kid in front of him and scatter his brain out!


Nan Xun gege, jiayou~! ۹(ÒہÓ)۶

Translator: MadPanda

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