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Chapter 149: Fight, Who Kill Who?

Updated: May 17, 2020

Nan Xun didn’t dare to slack off, he knew clearly that if he was hit with such a fist, he would most likely be crippled with broken arms, not to mention bleeding from internal organs, he might as well be done and finished.

He didn’t have his opponent’s thick skin, so he had to assure that he won’t get hit, lest it’d be fatal.

Dao Ba roared and flew his fist to Nan Xun.

Nan Xun dodged from left to right as Dao Ba shouted obscenities and curses incessantly, “You f**king small sh*t, if you’re so capable, don’t dodge Lao Zi!”

At this time, the excited inmates on the fourth floor began to cheer, opening a voracious, bloody feast.

“Hit! Hit!”

“Little boy, you’re actually quite good ah!”

Whistles, cheers and boos filled the entire cell building.

Listening to this, Dao Ba felt that he’s being ridiculed, his eyes glared in hatred, “Trash! Lao Zi will kill you! Don’t run, you chicken sh*t!”

Nan Xun laughed, “Are you and idi*t? Do I have to wait for you to hit me?”

Everyone was amused by his words, they still clearly remembered the fierceness this kid had when he was beating Dao Ba just a while ago, those eyes were full of ruthlessness, just like a wolf cub.

Dao Ba and Nan Xun played a game of chase for a while.

After running for two laps in this way, Nan Xun suddenly turned around, squatting to avoid the opponent’s fist and then countered with a punch quickly, hitting Dao Ba’s right eye accurately.

This punch held all of Nan Xun’s strength, Dao Ba gave a blood-curdling scream right then and there, covering his right eye while his body staggered and knelt down.

Nan Xun hit the iron while it was hot and slammed his elbow against his stomach.

Dao Ba screamed in pain, but at this moment, regardless of his pain, he stretched out both of his hands and clamped Nan Xun’s shoulders.

That force almost shattered Nan Xun’s shoulders.

The desperate man pinched the enemy and never let go, suddenly he lifted all of Nan Xun up, wanting to ruthlessly pound him to the cement floor.

Nan Xun’s face abruptly changed. When he was swung up, both of his hands accurately found Dao Ba’s eyes before he directly stabbed them with his fingers.

Dao Ba screamed again, one of his hand was loosen and Nan Xun took the chance to roll a beautiful backward roll, landing on the floor steadily.

Dao Ba cried out while covering both of his eyes, it was evident that it was crushingly painful.

“Brother Dao!” Several of his small followers immediately stepped forward to help him, unexpectedly this lug swung his fist violently in pain and gave those followers bloody noses and swollen faces

Grudges flashed in the eyes of those followers, but they still went up together to restrain him, carried him away and sent him to District A’s infirmary.

At the end of the fight, Nan Xun almost collapsed. He stood on the same spot and gasped fiercely, trying to calm his little heart that almost jumped out of his mouth.

If there was a slight negligence in every step just now, he has no doubt that his ending would be several times more miserable than that of the current Dao Ba, as he might beat his head, scatter his brain all over until he die covered in blood.

Afterwards, these prisoners who watched for fun would just apathetically looked at him inside the pool of blood until he died. The next morning, when the prison guards would go around to remind them to do morning exercise, his remains would then finally be discovered.

He would be dead quietly in this prison, and no one would shed a drop of tear for him.

So Nan Xun didn’t regret at all that he handled the fight ruthlessly. If it wasn’t for these Dao Ba’s followers, he’d also want to just kill the people directly. After all, he already offended Dao Ba, and leaving him be would only regenerate the disaster later on.

Nan Xun shook his bloody hand, recalling the man’s posture who walked upstairs not long ago, he couldn’t help but also put his hands on his trouser’s pockets, humming a little tune, and just like this, he leisurely went upstairs.

Wherever he passed, everyone subconsciously evaded, but everyone couldn’t help but sneak a peek at this kid as their heart shouted: ‘This stinky kid had beaten Dao Ba until he cried out like a slaughtered pig, so handsome!

Cell 242’s Brother Tie was in a daze for a while, he signaled to Old two and Old three behind him to follow.

The 242 cell door was closed shut, obstructing any probing, amazed or frightened look from outside.

“Little six ah, it turns out you’re so powerful ah, Big brother had mistakenly looked down on you.” Brother Tie laughed twice, and when he thought of the sinister strength the kid used to hit people, his teeth suddenly started to ache.

Nan Xun put his arms around the two brother’s shoulders, “Big brothers, this little brother was only lucky that I can win against Dao Ba, next time, little brother still has to rely on big brothers.”

Brother Tie hurriedly pat his chest and guaranteed, “That’s of course, Little six will be my close brother in the future!”

When saying this words, Brother Tie glanced at the hand resting on his shoulder, which was still stained with blood, the blood of Dao Ba of District A.

Old three already prepared a basin of water like a lackey, “Little Six, wash your face ah, your body is dirty now.”

Old four and Old five stood at his side, massaging Nan Xun’s shoulders and back.

Old two Du Pan rubbed his neck embarrassedly, “Little six ah, if Second brother knew that you can beat Du Pan, I wouldn’t dare tease you. Second brother knows he’s wrong, don’t lower yourself like this Second brother ah.”

Nan Xun squinted at him, “Second brother really looks like a fox.”

Du Pan laughed dryly, “Little six has such a good eyesight, everyone used to call me ‘smiling fox’ before.”

Nan Xun: …

In the future, because they’re sure to see much of each other, Nan Xun didn’t want to fuss about with him, so he just directly pound Du Pan’s chest, “Just this once, otherwise, this fist will wait for you.”

Du Pan laughed twice, he thought to himself: ‘Really just a kid, still so easy to fool.

“Little six, you’re so powerful! Do you know how long Dao Ba had dominated this District A? You’re the second person who can beat him in such a long time!” Old three said with a face of worship.

When he heard that Su Mobai was a college student, he admired him quite a bit, and when the kid came to the welcoming ceremony, he was afraid that he wouldn’t pass and get killed. He didn’t expect that this seemingly harmless young man was more ruthless than Dao Ba.

Nan Xun’s eyes swept around, and he pretended to be curious, “I’m the second one who have ever beaten Dao Ba? Who’s the first one then?”

The five of them suddenly stopped talking, after a while has passed, Du Pan broke the silence first, but the smile on his face was gone, his expression was somewhat serious, “Little six, this person isn’t someone we can contend with, just avoid him as far as you can when you see him in the future, don’t ever try to violate his bottom line.”

Nan Xun quickly nodded, “I’m not going to provoke him, could you tell me his background?”

Du Pan laughed and looked at Brother Tie, “It’s better to hear this thing from boss ah.”

Brother Tie glared at him and unconsciously lowered his voice, “Yan Luo, nicknamed King Yan Luo, the man who’s on top of us all.”

He held up a thumb towards Nan Xun.

“Except for drug trafficking, he’d done it all.” Du Pan interjected.

“For example?” Nan Xun asked.

Du Pan, “Smuggling.”

Old three, “Club”

Old four, “Casino.”

Old five, “Murder.”


Nan Xun gege, you're so handsome ah~ (●♡∀♡)

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