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Chapter 150: You’re Like This, He Can Lift Even Five of You

Updated: May 17, 2020

After Old five finished saying, he saw everyone looking at himself, he didn’t know what happened, “What? Someone like him haven’t murdered someone before?”

Du Pan snorted, “Where would someone with his identity needs to do this kind of dirty deed himself? I heard that a young man who once betrayed him was beaten by his subordinates into a hornet’s nest while he sat on the side and guided the whole process without so much as a twitch on his expression. After seeing the man laying in a pool of blood, he told his men to throw him into the river to feed the fish."

Several people heard what he said and couldn’t help but gulped as they thought of how Dao Ba overreached himself and provoked King Yan Luo when King Yan Luo just entered the prison.

Du Pan patted Nan Xun’s shoulder and said, “When Yan Luo just entered the prison, he also faced the same thing as tonight’s event, guess what happened to Dao Ba?”

Nan Xun showed a curious expression.

Du Pan said as he gestured with his hands, “He kicked Dao Ba into a dead dog with just one foot, picked up the whole man with only one arm, and then, like striking a bell, he knocked him to the wall around 30-40 times over. There’s still some remaining dried up bloodstain on that wall ah, although it happened for no less than half a year already, but it’s still fresh in my mind."

“Old two, he knocked him 51 times, I counted it because I had nothing to do then.” Old Three added.

“Scram, don’t interject when Old two is speaking.” Du Pan continued, “That one time, Du Pan was almost finished on the spot, afterwards, whenever he see King Yan Luo, he would hide himself far, far away, he even doesn’t dare to fart near him.”

After Nan Xun heard this much, he suddenly asked a question, “Dao Ba is someone with a big build, at least he weigh more than 200 kg, this kind of guy can still be lifted up?"

Some people blanked, obviously didn’t expect that he would put emphasis on this point, thus they laughed again.

“Little Six ah, do you want to try yourself? You’re like this, I estimate King Yan Luo can lift five of you.”

“Second Brother, if King Yan Luo has such a bullish strength like this, how come he’s locked in the prison?” Nan Xun furled his mouth, disapproving.

“Do you think other people are all like you, serving a life sentence?”

“Shouldn’t all the prisoners in this Meihuan Prison have heavy sentences?” Nan Xun asked.

Du Pan gave him a look of ‘you’re so naive and stupid’ and said, “That’s because no other prison dared to accept this god of plague, so he got here instead.”

Brother Tie rubbed his head and answered, “Yes ah, although Lao Zi has been in prison for all these years, but I also heard King Yan Luo’s mighty name. This time, it was only a temporary matter that King Yan Luo was arrested because the police couldn’t find the evidence of his crime at all. This Buddha did everything secretly, he’s really a cunning man."

Didn’t know what Old four thought about, he laughed and rushed to say, “I heard about this matter from a brother who came this year, last year, the police finally caught King Yan Luo inside a club, the bunny girl in that room yo, tsk tsk, the scene was really stimulating.”

He said it as if he had seen it with his own eyes, his mouth was practically drooling.

Old five also intervened quickly, “I also heard that King Yan Luo was finally barely arrested because he was charged with p*rnographic crime, and that's why he was sentenced to one year of imprisonment. Now that half of the sentence is over, if the police can’t find evidence of his other crimes in the remaining half of the year, they can only watch him go out with resentment.”

Brother Tie summed up with a sentence, “So, this kind of person ah, even the prison guards all take a detour when they see him. Although he’s in Meihuan Prison now, but his outside forces are very powerful, and him going out is just a matter of time. If you offend him in this prison, wait until the people go out, it’d be a wonder if he doesn’t think of ways to kill you.”

It seemed that because of this matter tonight, the few rough guys immediately became acquainted with Nan Xun.

Nan Xun roughly understood what these people told him about, because before he came to this prison, Zhao Dui had said to him that he had less than a year to gain Yan Luo’s trust.

About the degree of trust, the best one was if he wished for Yan Luo to bring him out when he go out of this prison.

But Nan Xun actually wanted to secretly spit on his face, if it wasn’t for the sake of changing prison and take refuge, he wouldn’t agree to this kind of errand. In fact, even if he agree, he didn’t care much about it. This kind of gang leader is truly a daredevil, he won’t care whoever and whatever, was it possible to get closer to him when you say you want to get close? And that you can gain his trust when you say you want his trust?

After hearing Du Pan’s words, Nan Xun decided to stay away from King Yan Luo a bit, when Zhao Dui visit him next time, he can just say that he’s powerless about it.

He just wanted to wait for three years to pass, and let Little Eight take her away before Su Mobai’s timely death.

He really couldn’t look directly at his own body now. [because she's in a man's body]

However, although he didn’t have any plan to approach Yan Luo, he should still inquire clearly so as not to accidentally provoke and do what he shouldn’t have done.

“Second Brother, Meihuan Prison has a total of two prisons. The leader in our District A is King Yan Luo, what about District B?” Nan Xun asked.

Old Two shrugged, “I heard that he’s also muddling on the street, but King Yan Luo is the Buddha of the street, and Ji He, the prison tyrant in District B, is just a thug compared to King Yan Luo. Ji He isn’t with King Yan Luo, he’s also becoming weak now. I heard that he’s like you, Little six, he was sold by his brothers and thus entered Meihuan prison with a ten year sentence.”

Nan Xun hummed an ‘oh’ and said, “Alright, then I’ll just take a detour if I see these two people in the future.”

“Little six is really obedient, such a good little brother.” Du Pan teased him.

Nan Xun rolled his eyes at him, “I want to take a bath, is the bath still open?”

Du Pan nodded, his eyes shifted as he smiled, “It’s a coincidence, every day from 8.30 to 9.30 is the time when the bathhouse has the fewest people. If you pass this time, there would be many people coming.”

Nan Xun felt that there were too much evil tricks in Du Pan’s stomach, so he can’t help but looked at the few people around.

Old Three quickly said, “There are really only a few people at this time, but that’s because of--”

Du Pan kicked him and smiled at Nan Xun, “Only at this time does the bath has less people, it would be full at other time. If Little six likes a more lively atmosphere, then you can wait until half past nine.”

Nan Xun knew that Du Pan couldn’t be trusted, bu no matter what, he just can’t choose to go there when there were many people, because his eyes will be blinded if he looks at those shining skins…

He’s in the body of a man, that’s not wrong, but in this young man’s body lives a real woman’s soul ah.

Nan Xun glanced at those several people, took his own towel and soap in his washbasin, and walked away.

The prison’s bathhouse was like a big boiler, separated into two rooms. Outside was used as a dressing room with two rows of cabinets and two big benches, other than those, there’s nothing else inside. The room inside was the place the inmates took a shower, there were many sprinkle heads inside the room without even any partition to separate them, so they can clearly see each other’ bits and edges.

When Nan Xun went inside, a man was changing his clothes after the shower.

That man had just put on his trousers while his sturdy upper body was still naked. Nan Xun distinctly saw a bullet hole on the man’s back, and apart from this, there were no less than twenty large and small scars on other places.


Ohh, who is this man? (・w・)

Translator: MadPanda

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