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Chapter 151: The Cold Penetrated The Heart and Made It Fly

Updated: May 17, 2020

He didn’t seem to expect anyone to come in at this time, so he couldn’t help looking up at Nan Xun with a little surprise in his eyes.

Nan Xun finally saw his appearance clearly now, he was so handsome, with a face that had a sharp and clear cut shape, and when those eyes looked at someone, it would give people a powerful and fierce feeling. Although he’s clearly still young, but Nan Xun could see a few strands of vicissitudes in his eyes.

When the other party saw him, he asked indifferently, “District A’s newcomer?”

Nan Xun nodded. Since the other party asked this question, then he shouldn’t be someone from District A, since everyone here basically all knew him as the newcomer today.

Perhaps because he was quite pleasing to the eye, the other party can’t help but reminded, “King Yan Luo from District A has just entered, he doesn’t like to be disturbed by outsiders when he takes bath, even I have to stay away from him.”

Nan Xun asked curiously, “Excuse me, brother, you are?”

The other person froze a bit, then sized him up before suddenly saying, “Have anyone ever say that you look like a little lamb that strayed inside the wolf’s den?”

Nan Xun bared his teeth to him, “No, I’m a little wolf cub that strayed into a lion herd, I can also bite a lion to death if I’m determined enough.”

The other party seemed to think that he was very interesting, although he still had a taciturn expression, but the corners of his mouth were raised slightly, he then said to Nan Xun, “I’m Ji He from District B.”

After leaving Nan Xun with a heavy bomb, he put on his prison uniform and left him an unrestrained back.

Nan Xun was dumbfounded for a while, this person is the prison tyrant of District B, Ji He?

He thought that he would be a big, muscular man like Dao Ba, but he didn’t expect him to be such a ‘normal’ person.

Outside was the prison tyrant of District B, and inside was the prison tyrant of District A, Nan Xun felt that his luck wasn’t that good today.

Sounds of water came through the inner room, it was a single sound and have a rhythm, hearing it, people would already know that there’s only one person taking a shower.

Just give up taking a bath and go back in vain, or sneak in, find a place farthest from King Yan Luo, take a quick shower and get out? Or, just wait outside for King Yan Luo to finish showering and take advantage of when those brothers outside still not charging inside, perhaps taking a two three minutes of cold shower in this gap of time?

Nan Xun struggled for a moment, and finally chose the last one like a good for nothing man.

Du Pan said that there would be fewer people from 8.30 to 9.30, Nan Xun estimated that it wasn’t yet 9, a man taking a bath for fifteen minutes should be enough, he can just rush into the shower after King Yan Luo finished and before the others entered.

However, Nan Xun didn’t expect that the other party would be so slow, he waited patiently for ten minutes, but that man showed no signs of coming out.

Nan Xun covertly hid behind the door frame, slowly leaning half of his head and aimed both of his eyes inside.

With this one peek, Nan Xun stumbled and quickly took his head back.

Accidentally saw what one shouldn’t have!

I wouldn’t have a sty after this right?

But, that… won’t that exceed the size of humankind?

And there’s also that figure, broad back narrow buttocks and a damned s3xy waist that can toss fashion models on the street.

Nan Xun subconsciously gulped down his saliva, slowly retracting his body.

However, at that moment, the man in the room looked at the door and let out a cold and looming sentence, “Hiding what? Roll inside.”

Nan Xun’s heart twitched, he immediately stood at the door with a perfectly straight posture and replied with a lightning speed, “Brother, I really didn’t mean to disturb you, I was just trying to see how much longer for you to finish showering.”

That expression was especially innocent and pure, his pair of black eyes were bright and clear like water.

If that was a woman, how deadly would it be ah? But unfortunately, Nan Xun became a man.

When the man inside heard these words, his sharp, fierce eyes narrowed slightly.

The steam from hot water was all around, the man’s face was enveloped inside this mist, his wet short hair was combed to the back, revealing a full forehead.

Nan Xun didn’t dare to stare, but he found out that this man was really handsome with just a quick glance.

Great figure and face, you say ah, why didn’t you become a star? Do you really have to go down and do those kinds of businesses ah?

The man looked at him for a while, and suddenly hooked his finger towards him.

That move of him hooking his finger was like calling a puppy to eat, making people’s teeth itchy.

Nan Xun’s eyes flickered, he pulled the edges of his own uniform and laughed dryly, “Brother, I haven’t taken off my clothes, it’s not good to go in.”

The corners of the man’s mouth suddenly lifted, followed by a slight squint and a deep voice, “Come.”

Nan Xun heard the irresistible command inside this one word, so he thought about it quickly before taking off his shoes and socks and put them outside before entering inside while still wearing clothes.

The man saw his movements and he couldn’t help making a slight snort from his nose.

Nan Xun walked lightly and asked tentatively, “Brother, do you want this little brother to rub your back?”

When Nan Xun just walked to the area within the man’s reach, the man suddenly grabbed his collar and lifted him up with one hand before smashing him to the ground.

Be good, if this head really hits the floor, don’t even think about it, it will definitely bloom like a flower!

Thanks to Nan Xun’s early preparations, the moment when the man grabbed and threw him out, he abruptly stretched both of his legs out and hooked them to the man’s neck. That neck was pinched in a dead grip like a plasticine, even if he fling him back and forth, he will still be stuck on him.

The man was surprised, he then chuckled softly, “Little kid, who did you learn this move from?”

Nan Xun’s legs were hung on his neck, he actually wanted to flip in the air and twist the other person’s head and body to the ground, but he found that this move was basically useless when he used it on the man in front of him.

Compared with this man, his strength was too small, and any bullish, breaking movements will all fall short in front of his face.

Nan Xun was still hung on his neck, and the feeling of the world turning upside down wasn’t exactly comfortable, so he tried to bargain, “Let me down first and I’ll tell you who my teacher is.”

“Little kid, are you trying to bargain with me?” The man’s eyebrows were lifted, making him looked more dangerous.

Nan Xun cursed and scolded, “You’re the little kid, your whole family’s the little kid, this grandpa’s age is gonna be nineteen this year!”

“Oh~ the little kid is angry.” the last syllable was raised, as if he was amused by his antics.

“Little kid, why don’t you hurry down? Your pants will be off if you don’t act quickly.” The man teased.

Nan Xun raised his head violently and tried to look up, but he didn’t expect that because of a moment of carelessness, his eyes accidentally fell unto something that he shouldn’t be looking at.

Nan Xun quickly removed his eyes, his hands were placed on the ground, ready to remove his legs down, but he also didn’t expect that in his process of removing himself, he would feel a cool breeze on his shiny buttocks because his pants were conveniently stripped by that hateful man.

His pants were really taken off.

The cold penetrated the heart and made it fly.

[T/N: it was so pleasantly cool (his buttocks) until it penetrated his heart and made his heart so happy (sarcasm) like it was soaring up high]


I bet the title in this chapter is confusing af (´v`)

Translator: MadPanda

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