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Chapter 152: Too White, Like A Porcelain Doll

Updated: May 17, 2020

“You b*st*rd! Stinky rogue!” Nan Xun quickly covered his buttocks.

The man chuckled in a low voice, “Little kid, are you ashamed? Could you still be in that stage where you like comparing your size with others during school? Is this grandpa made you feel so ashamed that you want to crawl inside a hole?”

Nan Xun finally remembered that he was a man and the other party was also a man, everyone has the same things, there’s no need to feel ashamed ah.

“I’m not embarrassed, it’s just my pants got wet because of you, what should I wear after this?” Nan Xun was exasperated.

The man raised his eyebrow, “You don’t bring another pants to change into?”

Nan Xun stammered, “I-I was in a hurry and forgot to bring it.”

“Alright, you pitiful kid, I’ll let you change into my dirty clothes, don’t forget to bring it back tomorrow after you wash it clean.”

Nan Xun, “…”

“Do you understand this grandpa’s words? Don’t enter the wrong door tomorrow.”

Nan Xun grinned his teeth and squeezed out a sentence, “I know, King Yan Luo, cell 419.”

Yan Luo picked him up from the ground and saw that he was still covering that part, he couldn’t help but chuckled, “Little kid, stand up.”

Nan Xun felt relieved, then confidently revealed everything to him.

Nothing to lose ah.

“Hold your hands up.” The other party said.

When Nan Xun heard this, he rolled his eyes in his heart, is this telling him to surrender? So childish.

Nan Xun raised his hands sincerely, he admitted that he couldn’t beat this person, it can be obviously seen after just one and a half move. [T/N: he’s talking about the fight moves just now]

Yan Luo squinted at him, “Little kid, what are you thinking about?” as he said this, he proficiently used one hand to pull his clothes and flung it up, while pulling down the other’ uniform.

Nan Xun shivered.

“I knew you’ve been delicately brought up at one glance, just look at this skin, white like a porcelain, and there’s no muscle at all.” Yan Luo looked him up and down, his eyes were undisguised.

Nan Xun was fuming, “What’s so great about you ah? Don’t you just have eight extra abdominal muscles? You look so dark, and you still don’t take care of yourself?”

Yan Luo laughed, “Little kid is very angry, come, I’ll give you a wash.”

With one palm, he stroked Nan Xun’s back head and brought him to his side.

The sprinkler was still open and Nan Xun staggered as he was shoved inside, immediately making him like a drowned rat.

The man patted his back and commented, “This skin is really good, if you cut it off to make a bun, the taste would definitely taste delicious.”

Nan Xun’s whole body immediately stiffened.

King Yan Luo laughed, “I was only teasing you ah, although your figure isn’t as good as mine, but it’s still not bad. You have broad waist and toned buttocks, it’s only that your skin is too white, just like a porcelain doll.”

Nan Xun read meditation mantra several times in silence, he’s afraid that he would forget everything when he got angry and hit a certain scoundrel with his fist.

“Brother, are you giving me this space? Thanks ah brother, they said that you’re frightening, but I didn’t expect that you’re this good.” Nan Xun began with his attacks of flattery.

When King Yan Luo heard this sentence, he raised his brows slightly and asked with great interest, “Oh? Someone said that I’m frightening? How do I scare people?”

Nan Xun began to add more oil and vinegar, “They said that you’re really powerful and can lift five of me at once. They also said that you kill without blinking your eyes, a murderous demon. Just like Dao Ba, he was kicked by you until he almost became a dead pig, and then you threw him to the wall until Dao Ba’s head was smashed like a watermelon, leaving the wall stained red until this day… But, I think they’re quite unreliable. If Dao Ba was hit by you like this, how come he’s still alive now?”

Yan Luo listened carefully to his words, and when his words just ended, he softly laughed and lowered his head close to Nan Xun all of a sudden.

The handsome face was suddenly zoomed in, scaring Nan Xun until he tilted his head back and almost made him fell to the floor.

“If what they said are true, will you be afraid?” Yan Luo said in amusement, straightening his body up after speaking.

The sense oppression disappeared and Nan Xun was able to take a breath, “Not afraid.”

The edges of Yan Luo’s mouth were raised again, “But, what they said are right, Dao Ba was indeed smashed like a watermelon by this grandpa, he almost took his last breath.” He paused a bit, “Don’t you want to ask me why Dao Ba is still alive and well now?”

Nan Xun looked at him and just heard him explaining lazily, “That’s because… I let him live. There’s a lot of trivial things inside this prison, and this grandpa doesn’t want to care about them."

Every place required a recognized rule, if this rule is absent, that place will become a mess. The rules laid down by Dao Ba might be insufficient, but it still made this prison achieved some kind of balance.

Luo Yan was a lazy man, too lazy to disrupt the laws and rebuild it from zero again.

Nan Xun furled his lips and persisted, “I believe in my own instinct that you’re not a wicked person who has no bottom line like Dao Ba.”

When Luo Yan heard the little kid commenting on him seriously, he couldn’t help measuring him again.

The 18-19 years old kid was about the same age as the girl in his house, it was exactly when his character would be the most brash. His eyes were clear and translucent, when he looked at those eyes for quite a while, mm, he somewhat wanted to dig and store them up.

His appearance was very handsome, the nose was like a nose, the eyes were like eyes, the color of his lips were very healthy, and his eyebrows were still a bit tender at the moment, just wait until he grows up later, don’t know how many little girls would fall for him.

This kid was definitely the kind that those little girls like, if this kid stood with him, that little girl in his house would definitely choose this little kid.

The man’s sharp eyes scanned Nan Xun’s face like a searchlight, then he suddenly chuckled, “Such an interesting kid.”

Nan Xun: ‘You’re the little kid.

Yan Luo casually wrung the towel dry and wrapped it around his waist, he then threw out a sentence at him lightly, “I’ll give you ten minutes to wash yourself clean, after that, come and massage this grandpa’s back.”

After saying this, he unhurriedly went out from the shower room.

Heck, this big bathhouse was all reserved for him, it’s like a VIP!

Remembering the ten minutes limit, Nan Xun rushed out and quickly took his basin before rushing back.

Yan Luo looked at his careless appearance, he kindly reminded him with a slight smile in his eyes, “Little kid, remember, don’t exceed the time limit, this grandpa really hates people who’s not punctual.”

Nan Xun slipped and almost fell to the ground.

Nan Xun didn’t take this kind of luxury as a plaything, he lathered himself with soap and washed it out at the fastest speed ever in his life before flying out to Yan Luo’s side.

“Bro- brother, I didn’t exceed the time limit right?” Nan Xun panted.

Yan Luo was already lying on the bench like a big lord. The man’s body was stretched out, and his straight long legs and strong waist made Nan Xun felt inferior when he looked at him.

The man looked up lazily and threw out a set of dirty prison uniform under his stomach to him, “Wear it, don’t catch a cold.”

Nan Xun extended his hands and caught it, but when he looked at the clothes, they actually didn’t look dirty.

However, when he sniffed it with the tip of his nose, he pursed his eyebrows at once.

Dang it, although it’s not the kind of pungent and overwhelming smell of sweat, but it’s actually full of thick male odour ah.


Imo, porcellain dolls are scary. (;へ:)

Translator: MadPanda

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