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Chapter 153: Kid, Your Hair Hasn’t Grown Yet

Nan Xun was at a loss.

He just finished showering, but he had to wear this dirty uniform which sent out dense manly odour?

Yan Luo took a broad view of his reaction and raised his eyebrow leisurely, “Child, if you dislike it, then you can choose not to wear it, just go back naked, this bathhouse isn’t far from the prison building, you probably only have to pass one basketball court, one drill ground and one factory building before arriving there.”

When Nan Xun heard this, he didn’t dare to hesitate anymore and quickly put on the smelly prison uniform on his body. When putting on pants, he subconsciously turned his back on Yan Luo, his speed was faster by a fold than when he usually did.

Yan Luo looked at his reaction and somewhat unable to restrain a smile from creeping up, “You’re still wet behind the ears and already so bashful, this grandpa won’t tease you again, come on, massage me.”

Nan Xun walked in front of him, his eyes unconsciously swept over his earlobe, there was a small faint mole on the man’s right earlobe.

As expected, he didn’t see wrong the last time.

“My skill isn’t very good, you tell me if if it’s too light or too hard.” Nan Xun’s eyes drooped slightly, he whispered, then stretched out his paws and started to do his task.

He was exposed to the water vapour just now so he couldn’t see clearly, he only felt that this man’s appearance was good, with long legs and good overall figure, but Nan Xun now found out that this man’s back was covered in large and small scars no less than fifty in total, among them, there were three clear bullet holes, one on his shoulder blade, one on his back dimples and another one on his arm. These scars were only on his back, if the front scars were also added, how many would it be?

I don’t know what this person had experienced…

Nan Xun was probably frightened by those scars, so he massaged him attentively.

Lou Yan sighed comfortably, it was unexpected that those small paws could give a massage this good, it’s just that his massage wasn’t well-distributed.

“Child, come, ride on top of my back.”

Nan Xun: …

“I can offend brother that way ah.”

“This grandpa isn’t afraid, what are you afraid of? Come up.”

Nan Xun rolled his eyes towards the sky, climbed into the bench and sat on his waist.

Yan Luo groaned, “Naughty child, you almost break this grandpa’s waist sitting down like that.”

Nan Xun drew the corners of his mouth while his two paws started to massage again, making the man hummed so comfortably.

Didn’t know how long he massaged him, but this man didn’t say stop while Nan Xun’s arms were all sour already, his legs also had became numb.

During this period, one person sneaked into this room, he must be here to bath. When he saw the two people in the room, he immediately ran away in a matter of a second, and didn’t know if this man told everyone behind, no one came into the bathhouse anymore.

You won’t die if you don’t take a bath for one day, but if you encounter King Yan Luo, that’s not necessarily the case. They would rather their body stink to death than be beaten to death by King Yan Luo.

The whole bathhouse was reserved for Nan Xun and this man who was humming and groaning comfortably, it was strangely quiet.

Nan Xun really couldn’t bear it anymore, he asked, “Brother, is it enough? My arms are already sore.”

Yan Luo lifted his eyebrows, “This child, you should say earlier if your arms are sore, I thought you still want to serve this grandpa more, so in order to help you accomplish your goal, this grandpa didn’t have the heart to tell you to stop.”

Nan Xun: …

He suddenly wanted to greet the back of his head with a fist, anyway, he doesn’t have any eyes growing on the back of his head right?

The Yan Luo who had no eyes growing on the back of his head suddenly said, “Child, are you grinding your teeth and want to do this and that to me?”

Nan Xun: …

Yan Luo hooked his mouth, “I saw the scene of your duel with Dao Ba today through a small iron window, he underestimated you, not to mention that he’s also heavy so he can’t let out all of his huge power. He suffered in your hands this time, but you're still too delicate, so don't even think of wanting to hit this grandpa.”

Nan Xun’s hands shook, one of his paw jabbed on his spine.

Luo Yan was thick-skinned so he didn’t feel any pain, he just thought that this kid loved to get his revenge, “Are you still remembering that this grandpa didn’t help you at that time?”

Nan Xun ‘hehe’ put on a forced smile and said, “Brother, how would I dare? Besides, didn’t I win at the end?”

Yan Luo nodded, “Oh, such a good child.”

Nan Xun: …

“Child, what’s your name? Why did you enter this prison?”

“Brother, my name’s Su Mobai, I entered here because I killed someone.” Nan Xun replied honestly.

Yan Luo’s half-closed eyes widened all of a sudden, the corners of his mouth also pulled into a light smile, “Your name is quite refined, but what you did isn’t refined at all.”

Nan Xun somewhat felt wronged as he said, “I didn’t deliberately kill, I only pushed the person too hard when I had a fight. His head bumped against the corner of the table, I was also panicked when I watched his blood kept on flowing ah. Besides, I did that for my friend’s sake, but after the incident, that white-eyed wolf didn’t even come out to testify for me. The other party’s family is quite powerful, so I was sentenced with an indefinite prison time, and I was even transferred here to make things even more difficult ah.”

Yan Luo let out an ‘Oh?’, as if he wasn’t paying attention, “Meihuan prison isn’t something that an average person can have a hand in. They brought you here, but they certainly can’t mess with you again.”

Nan Xun tutted, “Brother, are you a fool? What kind of place this Meihuan prison ah, the rules are weak. They threw me inside, but didn’t I get bullied within minutes? There’s no need for them to raise their hands because I’d long already be dead here.”

Even though Yan Luo was called stupid by him, he not only didn’t get angry, instead, he raised his eyebrows and gave a deep laugh, “It’s quite reasonable, but the other party didn’t know that you’re a little wolf instead of a little sheep ah.” After a pause, he said, “Child, you’re really interesting.”

It was the second time that Nan Xun heard him say that he’s interesting. In the eyes of people like him, he might seemed like a pet that he liked to tease whenever he’s bored.

This ‘interesting’ word was used to evaluate a pet.

“Brother, can you call me with my name?” Nan Xun said, “You call me a child, if I listen to it enough times, I will really consider myself a child ah.”

“What are you if not a child, this grandpa looked at you just now, your hair down there is really not grown enough.”

Nan Xun: …

Nan Xun kneaded with his fist, kneaded and kneaded until it let out loud noises.

Yan Luo teased enough, so he began to comfort the child, “Okay, I won’t tease you, and I won’t call you a child anymore.” Saying that, his eyes narrowed slightly like a lazy cheetah, “Little White, your gut is quite big ah, you even dared to break inside here by yourself, didn’t anyone tell you that I, King Yan Luo, really hate to be disturbed when I’m taking a bath?”

Nan Xun’s teeth itched when he heard this, “I was deceived ah, they told me that there were few people taking shower at this time, and that’s why I came here.”

Yan Luo laughed. Didn’t know when, his right arm that originally hung down at the edge of the bench, was now raised to support his face that was looking straight at Nan Xun with an amused look, “What? You don’t like taking a bath with a group of big uncles?”

Nan Xun coughed, “I’m not used with so many people together.”

Yan Luo seemed lost in thought as he measured the child in front of him for a long time.

Nan Xun was uncomfortable under his gaze, he awkwardly laughed before looking away.


Omg, I love King Yan Luo's teasing `(^▼^)´↑

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