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Chapter 154: Arrogant, I Have A Backing

Yan Luo’s eyes drooped slightly while his index finger tapped lightly on the edge of the bench.

Truthfully, Yan Luo’s eyes were as sharp as a knife when he looked at people, with just one of his glance, anyone would feel like he’s shooting fire towards you. However, at this time, his eyebrows were drooping as he was thinking about something seriously, so those pair of eyes were softened, along with his handsome face, he not only looked harmless, but also really seductive.

Growing up like this, if he decided to go to entertainment industry, he would be a big hit within minutes.

Nan Xun opened his eyes for a moment and couldn’t help but glanced back, looking at the man’s back with tight and smooth contour, his heart thought: It’s a pity that there are so many scars, no one would dare to accept this kind of people even if he wanted to go to the entertainment industry.

When Nan Xun was stealing glances, the lying man’s eyes suddenly stared straight at him.

Nan Xun was caught red-handed.

Luo Yan blanked for a while, then he said happily, “Little White, were you peeking at me just now?”

Nan Xun generously admitted, “Brother, I worship you, after listening to your deeds, you’ve become the male god in my heart.” [T/N: Mr. Perfect]

Yan Luo shot a glance at him, “You young men, you can change your male god every five minutes, your words aren’t credible.”

Nan Xun rolled his eyes silently, you’re boasting about how old you are, but you look like you’re not even past 27 or 28 yourself.

“Little White ah, this grandpa see that you’re quite pleasing to my eyes, afterwards this grandpa will let you brew tea and pour water for me, aren’t you happy to serve this grandpa?” Yan Luo suddenly asked.

That bestowing-charity-like tone made Nan Xun stopped his breath in silence.

“I’m happy, brother, I’m already happy like this, this is your own words oh, you’re not allowed to back out, I’ve already take this seriously.” Nan Xun’s face was full of pleasant surprise, his pair of eyes were shining brightly.

“Look at you, you look like a good-for-nothing ah.” Luo Yan scolded in jest, he couldn’t help but stretched his paw and rubbed his hair, didn’t expect that the boy’s hair was really soft, it was very comfortable.

“Brother, can I take the shower with you in the future?” Nan Xun quickly asked while the iron was still hot.

He had thought about it, rather than taking a bath with a group of big uncles, he would rather choose to take a bath with King Yan Luo ah.

Yan Luo looked at him with his head tilted, a smile adorning his face, “Child, you really have a lot of ideas, en?”

The rising tone on the last syllable made it clear that he’s in a good mood.

Nan Xun quickly made an excuse, “Brother, if you take a bath yourself, there would be no one waiting on you, but I can rub and massage your back just like now ah.”

“Okay, this grandpa think that you’re too pitiful, later, as long as you don’t overstep things, this grandpa will cover for you.” Yan Luo can’t help but rub his hair once again.

“Brother, don’t rub again, my hair is messed up because of you.” Nan Xun swatted his paw with dissatisfaction.

Luo Yan was really stunned for a moment, he looked at his palm that had been swatted, there was still a red mark on it. This child’s strength is quite big, his skin was already so thick, but he can still be beaten red.

Over the years, who would dare to hit him ah? Even the little girl at home was afraid of him, this kid was the first to ever dared doing that, even though it’s just swatting his hand off.

Nan Xun also realized that the other party wasn’t a little white mouse, so he quickly held his big palm and blew on it a few times, he said with a dry smile, “Brother, I was just playing with you just now ah, brother, does it hurt? I’ll blow on it again.”

Luo Yan indifferently said an ‘en’.

Nan Xun didn’t expect that he would gave an ‘en’, so he was forced to diligently flatter him and blew on his palm here, blew on his palm there, just blew everywhere.

“Alright, it’s not early anymore, go back now.” Luo Yan pulled his hand back and yawned lazily.

Nan Xun was so eager to walk away from here so he quickly responded, “That’s right ah, brother, I saw a few people glancing here, but they all ran away like they saw a ghost.”

Luo Yan stretched his waist and said lightly, “The bathing time today is a bit longer than usual.”

Luo Yan took out his clean uniform and put them on without a hassle, that elegant movements didn’t seem like he was wearing a prison uniform, he looked like he was wearing a high-end customized suit instead.

The two walked out of the big bathhouse one after another while several people probed their heads out in the corner. At first glance, when they saw King Yan Luo was walking with the other party, they thought they have blurred vision and looked wrongly.

Who is he ah? It’s King Yan Luo ah, when have you seen King Yan Luo walking with others? King Yan Luo was a famous loner in the prison. After his fight with Dao Ba, he became so famous that even the Prison Bully from district B Ji He would step aside whenever he saw him.

Those people in the corner focused their eyes again, yo, isn’t the kid next to him is the one who just beat Dao Ba? I think he’s called Su Mobai. Although his name is genteel, but his fist is ruthless enough.

Waiting until the two people walked away into the distance, those people who were secretly making wild guesses came out from the corner, and finally, they drawn an impossible fact: King Yan Luo, this venerable figure, seemed to have accepted a younger brother!

Entering the cell building, Nan Xun specially sent his new elder brother to the third floor. After watching him entered cell 419 and closed the door, he then went down to the second floor and returned to his own cell.

It was said that Meihuan Prison won’t give anyone a special treatment, but he clearly saw that inside cell 419 wasn’t a bunk bed, it was a bed, and the room was very clean and tidy, it was nothing like what a cell supposed to be.

King Yan Luo lived alone in this cell, doing whatever he wanted, his life must have been especially comfortable ah.

After Nan Xun returned to cell 242, the five people inside looked at him up and down.

Du Pan said with some puzzle in his tone, “There’s not even a shred of wound.”

Nan Xun looked at him and sneered, “Du Pan, we’ll settle this hatred.”

Brother Tie rubbed his head somewhat awkwardly, “Little Six ah, it’s indeed your Second brother who’s not honest this time, of course, Big brother also didn’t remind you, Big brother was also not honest.”

Old three mumbled, “I was going to remind you, but Old two shut me up.”

Du Pan embraced Nan Xun’s shoulder nicely and was about to say something, but Nan Xun grasped his arm and twisted it hard until Du Pan shouted in pain, “I’m wrong, wrong! Little Six, please do Second brother this favour, please spare your Second brother, Second brother only has these old arms and legs, they can’t withstand you twisting them like this, they’ll snap! A, AAA--!”

Nan Xun kicked him aside. Now that he’s backed up by a big mountain, he won’t be afraid of offending people anymore, even if the five people in this room unite themselves to fix him, he also won’t be afraid.

Some people ah, if you don’t put them in order and make them see a little colour, these people will climb all over you.

Du Pan hissed and rubbed his waist and arms, “Little Six, you’re really ruthless ah, I only didn’t tell you that King Yan Luo was in the bathhouse.”

Nan Xun set his buttocks on Old Two’s lower bunk, both of his legs overlapped each other while his pair of hands were clasped on his chest, he looked quite leisurely.

He glanced at the several people inside the cell, “I know you guys think that I’m too naive and clueless, so you guys want me to eat a bit of suffering. But me, this person ah, I was born under a lucky star, the heavens hate to see me suffer, it’s no use even if you guys all jealous of me.”

When the teenager said this, his chin was slightly raised while his eyes were slightly hung down, he almost used his nostrils to face the few people in front of him, so f*ck*ng arrogant.

I have a backing, who do I fear?


I really like the use of 'paw', it feels so cute~ ♡^▽^♡

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