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Chapter 155: Insomnia, The Very First Time

Several people looked at Nan Xun’s stinky @ss and gritted their teeth.

Although they didn’t want to admit it, but it was the truth, they all thought that this little kid was too naive and weak. Not saying about the others, even the most powerful person between the five of them, Brother Tie, all was trampled underneath Dao Ba, and when they saw him, they had to bow and scrap.

But, who’s this kid ah? He defeated Dao Ba on his first day coming, but he didn’t have any injuries on his face at all. Although he looked white and tender, but this little sheep wasn’t as white as he seemed!

These people knew that his fighting skill was great, so obviously they didn’t dare to confront him in his face, they only wanted to see him suffocate once and find a mental equilibrium for themselves.

But, they didn’t expect that this little kid would come back safe and sound again.

After undergoing this animosity once, those several people thoroughly cut off their ideas of wanting to fix Su Mobai and began to talk about their lives and ideals devotedly.

Nan Xun didn’t want to make their relationship too rigid, so he pulled the corners of his mouth and smiled, “Me, this person ah, if other people treat me well, I’ll also treat them well.”

Saying this, he glanced at Du Pan, “On the contrary, if someone schemed against me, I’ll definitely beat the cr@p out of him.”

Du Pan smiled awkwardly, he couldn’t help scratching his nose.

“Old Two, I’m quite curious about why you came here?” Nan Xun sized him up and down, the person looked a bit like a businessman, but if he was a businessman, he must be the kind of businessman who can’t do big business, because he’s too shrewd.

Du Pan shrugged, “It’s nothing, I just cheated a bit of money.”

Old Four said loudly, “Little Six, your Second brother is too humble, he cheated the richest man in S country and swindled no less than two hundred million!”

Nan Xun snorted and mocked, “I can’t see it ah, Old Two, you turned out to be a scammer, no wonder you like cheating other people.”

Du Pan disagreed, “Little Six, although I’m a scammer, I also have professional ethics ah, I don’t deceive the elderly or the children, nor do I deceive good people. Do you know how much that rich man’s annual income that didn’t come from normal channel is? He earns so much, and he also can’t spend it all in his life anyway, so I thought about helping him to spend it together ah, but it was unfortunate that the old fox found out about it in the end.

Nan Xun gloated over his misfortune, “You deserve it.”

Didn’t know if the higher authorities showed consideration for Su Mobai that the inmates inside his cell weren’t extremely wicked.

Although the Oldest brother Tie was also someone who muddled in the street, but he’s very loyal to the code of brotherhood, and that’s why he was sentenced to life imprisonment after helping his brother in a fight and killing someone; Old Two was a scammer, but he’s a crook with a bottom line, however, the amount that he cheated was too large the last time and the circumstances were serious, so he was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment.

Old Third and Old Fourth’s crime also have their reasons. Old Third's mother, who originally had minor illness, was killed by a quack doctor in order to earn more money. He became impulsive, so he stabbed the doctor with a knife, although the doctor wasn’t killed, but he became a human vegetable, so he was sentenced to 20 years.

Old Four, because his baby son was killed by someone with a rat poison. He reported the other person, but the police couldn’t find any evidence. In his rage, he set fire on the other person’s house. Originally, he thought that there’s no one inside the house, who knew that the murderer’s wife was inside, she was burned until she became disfigured, and thus he was sentenced to 15 years.

As for Old Five, he was a bit stupid. The child in the family was seriously ill and he had no money to cure him. He couldn’t get money anywhere, and in his muddled state, he went to the supermarket to rob. He didn’t even get to loot a cent before he was subdued, he was sentenced to 10 years.

Counting in this way, inside this cell, all kinds of crime had been done.

They were all prisoners with heavy sentences of over ten years, but Nan Xun felt that these people weren’t particularly bad in nature. Everyone had a moment when their evil intentions flashed in their minds, but they were just being impulsive when they had this moment and committed crimes.

However, people all still have to pay for their impulsive actions. Now they were gathered in Cell 242, they had to waste their life in here for ten to twenty years, some even unable to go out in their lifetime. They can only see relatives or friends a few times a year, and it had to be done through the glass window, this was the punishment for their impulsive crimes.

After the few people chatted, Du Pan asked boldly, “Little Six ah, you just met King Yan Luo in the bathhouse, didn’t he get angry with you?”

Nan Xun glanced at him, “Why are you so eager to see me fighting with him? Or is it to see me beaten and bruised?”

Du Pan ‘hehe’ laughed dryly, “Little Six ah, why are you still remembering this thing? You even don’t call me Second brother anymore?”

Nan Xun overlapped his legs on the bed and yawned, “This is the last time I’m calling you Second brother.”

The five people looked at each other, Brother Tie rubbed his bald head, his ugly and ferocious face became a lot gentler as he said, “C’mon ah, Little Six, do you really want to be estranged with us brothers?”

Nan Xun waved his hand, “It’s really not because of this matter, I just recognized Yan Luo as my brother, if he saw me calling someone else as brother, then won’t it be bad? After going through today’s fight, I really think that this Yan Luo person is really proud, if I——”

Before Nan Xun finished his sentence, several people quickly interrupted him, shaking their heads like a rattle, “Don’t call brother, absolutely don’t call us brothers, we don’t have the guts to call brothers with King Yan Luo!”

However, some people were still somewhat muddled, how could Little Six made a relationship with King Yan Luo? Can this person put anyone in his eyes? Isn’t he a famous lone wolf? How could he allow Little Six to approach him?

But soon after that, everyone understood clearly, Little Six’s performance today was outstanding, maybe King Yan Luo took a fancy on Little Six’s fighting ability so he accepted him because he’s useful?

He was simply a lucky b*st*rd! If King Yan Luo really had taken a liking to him, wait until King Yan Luo go out the prison, he would surely find a way to get his little brother out too.

This was why some people had been thinking about getting close with King Yan Luo for more than one year already.

Unfortunately, these people ended up with a bruised nose, swollen arms and legs.

Little Six, he’s worthy to be this lucky b*st*rd, after all, he’s able to make a connection with King Yan Luo the first day he came here.

“Quick, the lights will be turned off, we all have to get into bed before we can talk again.” Brother Tie reminded them.

Everyone heard this and climbed into their own beds.

Sure enough, within a few minutes, all the lights were turned off, except for the lights in the corridor which were controlled by another switch. It was convenient for people who get up in the middle of the night to use the toilet.

Tonight, everyone seemed excited, especially Old Three, his worship towards Su Mobai was on a new level and he almost became his fanboy.

On the first night of entering the prison, Nan Xun closed his eyes under the snores, ground teeth and sleep talk of several burly men. On this day, he succeeded in becoming the younger brother of his target character Yan Luo with an astonishing efficiency.

Moonlight passed through the iron window, sprinkling lights on Nan Xun’s bed, caressing his clean and handsome face gently.

Nan Xun stared out the window, his eyes were bright and clear.

For the first time in his life, he’s got insomnia.


I can't sleep if someone snore beside me. Guess I'd have insomnia too if I have to enter a prison... (´・ω・`)

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