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Chapter 156: Being Praised, You’re Pretty Good

Early the next morning, Nan Xun was woken up by the ringing bell in the hallway.

“What the heck? Why is a school bell here?” Nan Xun sat up in a daze, his hair sticking up everywhere.

Several other people covered their ears and continued to sleep, Old Three mumbled to explain, “This is the morning run bell, after it rings three times over, we have to gather on the lobby on the first floor and then go to the sports ground to run laps, but this is just voluntary, many people don’t want to run."

Nan Xun sobered up a little, he asked curiously, “This kind of thing is voluntary?”

“Running five thousand meters every morning, and you have to keep on it for a full week to get a mere five points, only a fool would go.” Du Pan grunted, rolled over and continued to sleep.

When Nan Xun first came in, the jailer mentioned this. The prison adopted a point system, the more points you get, the less your sentence will be. But you had to accumulate 10 points to subtract one day, if you can gather 3650 points, then you can immediately reduce one year of sentence.

The second bell rang, Old Four and Old Five struggled to get up from bed, put on their clothes, and then moved out like two zombies.

Of the six people in this cell, Second, Fourth and Fifth had the fewest sentence period, but Second was a sleeping ghost, he would rather sleep to death than to struggle for something that can’t even give him one point. Old Four and Old Fifth were looking forward to getting out the prison sooner, so they won’t miss every opportunity to score points.

Nan Xun thought for a while, he then also put on his uniform and went down his bed.

Old Three was stunned as he saw him jumped from his bed, he said, “Little Six ah, what are you doing? You’re imprisoned for life, but you still want to collect this meager point?”

Nan Xun grinned at him, his smile was like a little sun, “Even if it’s a life sentence, we can’t say precisely who’s going to get out first between us.”

After saying this motivational speech, Nan Xun put on his shoes and ran far away.

Old Third got up from the bed and slapped his face with both of his palms. Little Six is sentenced with indefinite imprisonment, but he still doesn’t give up hope, I only have 20 years sentence, for what reason am I slacking up ah?

And thus, Old Three quickly dressed up and followed.

Brother Tie glanced at him and cursed ‘mental case’ under his breath.

Waiting at the lobby on the first floor, Nan Xun saw the hundred people already lined up voluntarily, but the one in the front row was avoided by the others, everyone maintained a distance of no less than three steps from him, no one dared to step forward.

The man put his hands in the pockets of his trouser, his legs slightly spread apart, standing upright, his figure became all the more tall and slender.

Nan Xun’s eyes looked at his standing posture that looked full of vitality, which was a stark contrast to those drowsy eggs behind him.

After saying some words to Old Three and the few people behind, Nan Xun directly jogged towards the man.

There was a series of shocked inhalation sounds from behind.

Seeking death, he’s deliberately going to King Yan Luo!

The man who stood out from the crowd heard the footsteps, so he slanted his head, his eyes were swift and fierce.

But after seeing Su Mobai, the fierceness inside his eyes was put away, and when Su Mobai came over, he rubbed his head directly.

“Little White, you’re coming for a morning run?” Yan Luo raised his eyebrows slightly.

Nan Xun stood in front of him and responded naturally, “Yeah ah, otherwise, what am I doing here? Brother, you’re about to be released soon, what are you doing here?”

Yan Luo looked at him and smiled, “Do you know what time this grandpa wakes up every day before this grandpa went to prison? Five o’clock. I had to get up early and beat people, now it’s just running a few laps, it can only be regarded as a warm up.”

Nan Xun thought for a while and suddenly said, “I get it! So, brother, when your hands are itchy you can just grab someone annoying, that way you can also practise your skill in passing.”

Yan Luo rubbed his head again, there’s a thread of smile in his eyes, “You also dare to tell me this directly?”

Nan Xun was only too glad to show his teeth, “That’s why I’m your little brother and they aren’t.”

At this time, the third bell rang and the guards came and counted everyone’s numbers, leading them directly to the sports ground.

Once you choose to do morning run, even if you had to use your knees to run, you still had to finish it. There were a dozen of guards that monitored them so they can’t be lazy, or else, those guards will greet you directly with their batons.

At the sports ground, the prisoners from District B had already gathered, with one glance, Nan Xun already found Ji He in the front line.

Ji He’s gaze passed over Yan Luo and Nan Xun with a shocked expression before he gazed fixedly at them.

Prisoners from the two districts had a nonaggression treaty in normal times, while private matters was quite common, but the two district’s tyrants had never fought each other. Before Ji He entered the prison, he was a famous gold medallist hired thug, it was said that he got rid of more than twenty robbers with his bare hands, while on the other hand, there’s no need to say more about King Yan Luo. He had been mixing in the dark society from when he was 23 years old until he seized the top position, the road he took was full of foul wind and bloody rain.

If the two men faced each other, it will be unknown who will lose or win, but Ji He was a man who knows how to advance and retreat, when he sees King Yan Luo, he will avoid him somewhat.

The prison guard divided the teams before blowing a whistle and teams of four people began to run around the sports ground. At first the team was still neat, but after three round, some people started to disperse and falling behind to some extent.

Yan Luo jogged with a uniform speed, his head leaning in while looking at the kid beside him,he clicked his tongue and said, “I didn’t expect ah, Little White, your physique isn’t bad.”

When he said this, his voice didn’t seem breathless at all, where can you see that he was running 5000 meters? It was as if he was just walking leisurely ah.

During the run, the man’s stretched muscles, small, leisurely movements, steady pace and bewitching long legs had all became a beautiful landscape in the middle of a bunch of rough men.

Beautiful things ah, whether it’s male or female, they’re all easily appreciated.

Of course, the rough guys behind him who were breathing like dead dogs only dared to stare at King Yan Luo’s body, it wasn’t that they’re terrified, but the bloody scene of King Yan Luo’s fight was still swimming inside their heads, they can’t shake it off however they tried.

Nan Xun was panting a little, he knew some long-distance running skills, furthermore, with Su Mobai often playing basketball, his physical fitness was good.

“Brother, I won’t accompany you for the rest of the laps, I have to slow down a bit, or else, I won’t be able to hold on.” Nan Xun was gasping while saying t his, he then slowed down his pace.

Yan Luo patted his shoulder and praised, “It’s already pretty good.”

After saying this, he picked his pace up, throwing Nan Xun away by a large distance in a short while.

Nan Xun glared at him.

So he deliberately slowed down to run with him? He thought that he had caught up with his speed, but in fact, in the other party’s eyes, he’s only a slow-moving turtle?

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Beautiful things ah, whether it’s male or female, they’re all easily appreciated. - can't agree more (ㆆᴗㆆ)

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