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Chapter 157: Little White, Come Here

Nan Xun wiped his sweat in silence, seriously working as a little turtle.

A total of twelve and a half laps, Nan Xun persisted to finish the run before walking another round in a quick pace, and another in a slow pace before his breath finally turned normal again.

Nan Xun looked around, but King Yan Luo was gone, seemed like he felt that this little turtle was too slow so he decided to leave first, or that the other party just didn’t consider him as his own.

Because it came as no surprise, so Nan Xun didn’t feel neglected.

Old Three was carried over by Old Four and Old Five, the guy had vomited all over the place after the run.

When he saw Nan Xun who looked normal after his first run, he was so embarrassed until he became speechless.

“It’s okay, run a lot more and you’ll be okay, you see, Old Four and Old Five are just fine, it’s all about practice.” Nan Xun smiled until his teeth were showing. He was speaking consolation, but that little proud look of his made people really want to hit him once.

A group of old men were gasping for breath, lying or sitting on the lawn in the middle of the sports ground, some were indecently scratching an itch on their birds, their movements felt like they were in ecstasy.

Nan Xun raised his head and looked up at the sky, he suddenly felt a little sad, he didn’t know why he became a man, his innermost nature as a man was aroused by considerable folds, and he didn’t feel unwell at all becoming a man.

But now, he still can be considered as a newcomer among men, he’s really afraid to spend a long time with this group of rough guys and become like them.

Soon after the morning run, it was time for breakfast. Nan Xun had learned his lesson, so he quickly ran back to his cell and rushed to the cafeteria after he washed his face and rinsed his mouth quickly.

There were eighteen service windows in the canteen, but because there’s no soup for breakfast, six windows weren’t open. As usual, there were two large pots of rice porridge and steamed buns placed in the six windows for rice, and another six windows for pickled vegetables and eggs, for a total of twelve windows.

At this time, there were long lines in each of the twelve windows.

Nan Xun was taken aback by the crowd of people, he forgot, there were only 2 or 3 hundreds of people running, but there were nearly a thousand of prisoners from District A and B that didn’t run, and when the inmates that did the morning run came here too, the crowd wouldn’t be small.

Nan Xun silently lined up behind a team of porridge and buns.

You can only choose between porridge or steamed buns, Nan Xun liked steamed buns, so he decided to choose steamed buns later.

It didn’t take long for Nan Xun, who lined up with peace of mind, to notice a commotion around him. He followed the gazes of the people towards the entrance of the cafeteria.

It was King Yan Luo’s arrival.

The man was putting one of his hand in his pocket, while his other hand was straightening his lunch tray while walking here and there leisurely.

His gaze fell directly on the first person on the staple food window, the man was so shocked that he quickly moved from his place and bowed unctuously, “Lord Yan, you, you’re here, this place is for you, please, please, hehehe.”

Yan Luo glanced at him and bluntly occupied his place.

When the worker saw that it was him, his hand that was ladling the gruel shook. He silently gave him two more spoons of gruel, and put two white steamed buns on his tray.

He swept a glance at the worker and lightly said, “Thanks.”

After getting the staple food, Yan Luo also acted the same way as he went to the pickles and eggs window.

Nan Xun who was silently lining up: …

No matter what, he’s also one who had beaten Dao Ba, his reputation should also be spread far and wide ah, how come no one let him jump the queue?

What Nan Xun didn’t know was that he looks too harmless, furthermore, he didn’t took the initiative to stir up trouble, so after the others silently observed him for quite some time, he was classified as a type A person: as long as he didn’t open his mouth, others would be too happy to treat him as air.

In Meihuan Prison, prisoners were divided into five categories.

The first place is the S type category, they were people like King Yan Luo and Dao Ba. When you see these people, don’t wait for the other party to speak, you have to take the initiative and yield to them, otherwise, when they got angry, you can just resign yourself to your bad luck and wait until your head bleed.

The second category was the A type people, they were people like B district’s Ji He and A district's Nan Xun, they were powerful and their fists were ruthless, but these people don’t like making trouble, so if they open their mouth, you yield, if they don’t open their mouth, then you treat them as if you don’t see anything.

The third category was the B type people, they were attached to type S and type A, such as Dao Ba’s and Ji He’s younger brothers, they usually likes bullying other people with their status.

The fourth category was the C type people, they were the most common one, they bully the weak and fear the strong, they were terrified if they see SAB categories, only to the people of the fifth category, the D type, did they find the pleasant sensation of bullying others.

The D type was the underprivileged group in the prison, they had no one to rely on, and they also had no skill to guard themselves, they will be trampled underneath everyone else. The highest suicide rate in Meihuan Prison belongs to this D category.

The workers movements were very dexterous, he can quickly fill your bowl with just two ladles, so Nan Xun didn’t actually wait too long, but when it was Nan Xun’s turn, the soft white buns were already gone, he can only take the leftover porridge.

After taking his staple food, Nan Xun searched for another line of pickles and eggs and waited slowly, when it was his turn, all three kinds of pickled vegetables had already been finished cleanly.

“Little Six, come here!” Du Pan waved at him from far away.

Now this guy had became well-behaved and knew how to save a seat for Nan Xun.

Nan Xun walked over with his lunch tray, seeing that Du Pan and Brother Tie were already seated, the seat was a four seater, he and Old Three sat down quickly, the others had to search for their own place.

The porridge was quite thick, when Nan Xun took a sip of it, his empty stomach suddenly became more comfortable, but when he glanced at the steamed buns in Brother Tie’s tray, his eyes readily shot an envious look.

Nan Xun was preparing to gobble his own porridge when his movements stopped all of a sudden.

“Little White.” Someone called him from the distance.

Following this one shout, the whole cafeteria calmed down, leaving the room with a deathly silence.

As soon as King Yan Luo spoke, no one dared to make a squeak, for fear that their loud voices would cover his.

Du Pan swallowed his saliva, squeezed his eyes and motioned to Nan Xun to look back.

Nan Xun twisted his head a little, concentrating his gaze at the large window of the cafeteria that was placed at a 45 degree in an oblique angle.

Under the large window, Yan Luo was sitting in a table surrounded by four empty tables, his body leaned to Nan Xun’s side, his long leg was lifted to the empty chair beside him, his knee’s bent, his figure seemed all the more straight.

His elbow was propped on the table, supporting his head that was leaning to Nan Xun.

Just a little bit, his thin lips moved slightly as he called once more, “Little White, come here.”

With that, his long white finger pointed to Nan Xun, hooking it up slightly.

Nan Xun listened to his name that’s like a puppy’s name, and then looked at his movement that looked like he was calling over a puppy, he can’t help the corner of his mouth from twitching.

King Yan Luo, the Great Budha, this calling, this hooked finger, woosh woosh woosh, countless eyes hit Nan Xun in unison.


LOL, I wonder if someone would think that they have that relationship (*≧▽≦)

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