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Chapter 158: I’ll Teach You, Follow Me In The Future

Du Pan kicked Nan Xun with his foot under the table, then he coughed once.

Nan Xun stood up obediently, he then walked towards the man with his meal tray.

“Lord Yan.” Nan Xun called out.

When Yan Luo first heard the child greeting him in such a ‘conforming with the norms of society’ way, he couldn’t help but froze for a bit, “Why are you addressing me like that when everything’s alright? Didn’t you still call me brother when we run in the morning?”

Nan Xun pursed his lips, “Those seniors said that I’m only Lord Yan’s little brother (lackey), we’re not brothers so I can’t inconsiderately call you brother, I have to conform with the rules!”

Yan Luo snorted before glancing at Brother Tie’s table.

Brother Tie and Du Pan immediately sat upright, feeling that the back of their heads chilled.

“Just call me brother next time, this grandpa likes hearing it. Little White, come here, sit opposite me.” King Yan Luo raised his chin slightly and motioned for Nan Xun to sit over.

After Nan Xun sat down, the two people looked at each other while the quiet large cafeteria gradually became noisy again.

Yan Luo stared at Nan Xun for a long time, his dark and profound eyes looked at Nan Xun growing more and more apprehensive.

What did I do to make King Yan Luo unhappy?

“Brother.” Nan Xun called out again, his tone was very soft.

After Yan Luo looked at him coldly for a moment, he began to continue drinking his porridge.

Nan Xun peeked at him secretly, he thought in his heart, even though this man was drinking a porridge and eating pickles, but his movements were all very elegant, this kind of man, no matter how he look at him, he didn’t look like someone who muddled inside the dark society, on the contrary, he appeared more like a young master who was born from an old and well-known family.

“Little White, do you know where you did wrong?” Yan Luo slowly drank the porridge and glanced at him to ask.

When Nan Xun heard this, it suddenly became clear, so he smiled and said, “Brother, I promised to serve tea and pour water for you, I should be the one to prepare the meal for you this time, it’s this brother’s mistake, just forget it this one time.”

Yan Luo glanced at his meal tray and smiled, “If this grandpa had to wait for you to serve his meal, this grandpa would’ve long been dead from starvation.”

Nan Xun was embarrassed, it was obvious that his awkward appearance of lining up to get his food was seen by the other party.

“Brother, you should just say it directly to me if I do something wrong in the future, this younger brother will change.” Nan Xun said sincerely.

Big boss Yan Luo said as if reminding him, “Since you want to serve this grandpa, then follow me properly, otherwise this grandpa couldn’t find you when something happens.”

When Nan Xun heard this, he immediately muttered, “After the morning run, I tried to find you everywhere in vain.”

“Yo, are you feeling wronged?” Yan Luo suddenly approached him and looked carefully, “Even your eyes are wet.”

Nan Xun touched his eyes subconsciously, “Brother, don’t tease me ah, I’m already this big, how can I easily cry?”

Yan Luo laughed once, “Child, I really wasn’t teasing you, your eyes really appear moist, just like a little white bunny.”

Nan Xun realized that he had been teased, he’s not annoyed, instead, he raised his eyebrows as he smiled genially, “Brother, you don’t understand, I’m born with these bright peach blossom eyes to easily hook girls.”

Yan Luo was stunned for a moment before laughing twice. His long arms stretched out as they crossed the table, easily touching Nan Xun’s head, rubbing hard on his soft hair, he was really happy, “You little child, you only learned bad things ah.”

Nan Xun hadn’t seen this person laughed so heartily before, he’d either hooked the corner of his lips, laughed with a low voice, or showing that kind of smile that didn’t look like a smile, but this kind of Yan Luo now looked a little less distant, just like a big brother from next door.

Nan Xun struggled to release his hair from his big palm, he looked at him with a sullen expression, “Brother, can you not rub my head at every turn?”

Yan Luo leisurely held his smile while narrowing his eyes to look at him, his appearance was somewhat indolent, but Nan Xun felt that Yan Luo was the most dangerous at this time, just like a black panther that had caught his prey under his claws, when he’s not showing his skill, he only looked elegant and lazy, but when he showed it, his claws would readily cut your throat with one sweep.

Nan Xun panicked for a second, so he immediately corrected his words, “If brother likes it, I’ll give you my head to rub, it doesn’t matter how you rub it, aside from my grandma, I didn’t allow anyone to rub before.”

Mentioning Su Mobai’s grandmother, Nan Xun’s eyes dimmed.

Yan Luo perceived something wrong, so he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong, Little White? I just teased you and you got angry?”

Nan Xun shook his head in silence, “If I was sentenced to manslaughter, I should have been imprisoned for 5 to 8 years max, but the Cheng family didn’t want to see me have a better life so they gave me a life sentence. When my grandma heard this, she was so shocked until she took her last breath, brother, you say, who should I find to settle this debt?”

Yan Luo paused, he suddenly reached out his hand and rubbed his head again, but this time, it actually brought a touch tenderness.

“You climb up from wherever you fell, there are plenty of ways to make the enemy live a life worse than death, don't just directly kill them. Follow me in the future, I’ll teach you this.”

Yan Luo’s voice was deep with a strange comforting power.

Nan Xun pursed his lips slightly and raised a light arc at the corner of his mouth. He held his meal tray and took big gulps of his porridge, the meal tray was held up high by him, covering half of his face, along with the small smile gracing his lips.

“Thank you brother, I’ll follow you in the future.” Nan Xun’s mouth was full of porridge so the words that came out from his mouth weren’t clear.

“I didn’t wait for you after the morning run because of your turtle-like speed. I don’t like waiting for people, and will never wait for people.” Yan Luo suddenly said, apparently answering Nan Xun’s question at the beginning.

Nan Xun paused for a moment, his eyes bent slightly and there was a smile on his face, “Brother, are you giving me an explanation? Then I’ll speed up in the future, I definitely won’t let brother wait for me.”

Yan Luo looked at the other’s pair of bright, smiling eyes, he suddenly passed him a white steamed bun to his meal tray, “Eat this.”

Nan Xun stared fixedly at that big and white steamed bun, “Brother, are you giving it to me? I’m embarrassed ah.”

His mouth was saying ‘embarrassed’, but his body directly took the big bun without scruples and bit it with big bites.

It was said that steamed buns had no taste, but Nan Xun felt that this particular steamed bun is really fragrant, and the more he chewed it, the more fragrant it became.

Yan Luo had no appetite, but when he saw the little child gulping the steamed bun with much fervor, his appetite was suddenly roused and he also took a big bite.

He thought: It’s really rare to see such a clean child inside a prison. Anyway, prison’s life is boring, it’s good to have some fun. He liked seeing this child’s appearance when he talked nonsense while fawning on him.

Ordinary people can only take one boiled egg, but Yan Luo was no ordinary people, so the worker gave him two.

Yan Luo peeled the hard boiled egg two to three times, exposing the milky white flesh of the tender egg and threw it directly to Nan Xun’s meal tray.

“Eat more egg, supplement yourself with protein, maybe then your hair can grow sooner.” Yan Luo was behaving like a hoodlum in all seriousness.

The porridge inside Nan Xun’s mouth was almost sprayed to King Yan Luo’s face.

Fortunately, he was strong in self-control so he forced down the porridge along with his impulse to greet him with his fist.

After eating, Nan Xun hurriedly grabbed Yan Luo’s meal tray, “I’ll clean your tray, brother, you can go rest!”

Yan Luo’s body stretched back slightly, he put up one of his arm on top of the dining chair beside him like he was on a superior quality custom made sofa instead, the expression on his face was leisure and indolent as he looked at the child’s figure who was sprinting merrily.

Unexpectedly, a thin cheerful smile rippled fleetingly on his lips.



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