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Chapter 3: New Money Making Skill

Updated: May 17, 2020

Although Lou Ming also lived in this military compound, but for some special reasons, he hardly has any contact with people around him, and the people around him would also deliberately avoid Lou Ming. And because of this reason, Mayor Chen was so surprised when He Qi came over to send a gift this evening.

“I didn’t expect that someone other than us would remember about our daughter after so many years.” Mother Chen said quite emotionally.

“Yes, Third young master Lou has a heart too.” Mayor Chen nodded in agreement.

“Sister had seen Third young master Lou when she was a child?” Chen Yang asked curiously, knowing that even though he grew up here, but he only saw Lou Ming a few times.

“Since Third young master Lou said so, then it must be true.” Mother Chen recalled, “After all, he wasn’t like this now ten plus years ago. When Lou family held a banquet, Third young master Lou also attended. One day, I took your sister to Minister Lou’s birthday banquet, so they must have met at that time.”

“Look like this now? What did he look like?” Chen Yang asked with curiosity after hearing this.

“It’s nothing.” Mother Chen obviously didn’t want to talk about this, she smiled and asked Chen Yu, “Is your stomach full? Do you want to eat some more?”

“I’m full.” Chen Yu nodded, she can’t help but feel some curiosity as she continued to ask, “That’s right, mom, where does Third young master Lou lives in? Is it also in the compound?”

“What are you gonna do, asking about this?”

“Didn’t he give me a present? I want to thank him personally tomorrow.” Chen Yu smiled.

“There’s no need.” This time, Mayor Chen forbid her, “Third young master Lou doesn’t like people disturbing him.”

“Yes, your dad’s right, Third young master Lou really doesn’t like people disturbing him.” Mother Chen quickly echoed.

“Oh.” Chen Yu thoughtfully responded, but her mind uncontrollably flashed with the pictures of when she was inside the Lou family’s courtyard. The spiritual energy that filled the house, those dozens of men with guns, the husky fellow whose covered with evil energy, even if she only used her toes to think, she still can see that there’s some problems there.

However, even though Chen Yu was curious, but she didn’t actually has the intention to explore anything. After all, the feeling of being pointed by guns wasn’t at all good.

After that, the few people chatted for a while, mainly because Mother Chen was asking her daughter about her life situation over the years. Chen Yu had to answer all of the questions, but for the most part, she chose to answer that it’s all good. They all chatted until more than ten o’clock before going back to their own room to sleep.

Chen Yu returned to her room, took the linen bag on the side and searched for the cinnabar, paper talisman and things similar to those, and then took out the letter that the old man wrote for her, earnestly reading it while sitting on the bed.

[Girl, Grandpa used to tell you that my skill is very profitable, but you always don’t believe me. However, that time you’re living in Damu Village, grandpa felt that it didn’t matter if you believe it or not so I didn’t prove anything to you. But now that you have gone to the Imperial Capital, grandpa must solemnly declare once again that grandpa’s ability is really profitable!]

“It’s not easy writing this letter but you’re still writing this kind of unreliable thing.” Chen Yu looked at the huge exclamation mark and couldn’t help but grumble.

[Before, when I took you to catch ghosts in the towns and villages around Damu Village, it was basically voluntary labor, and the main purpose was to let you learn from it. If you really follow grandpa’s previous price standard, they can’t even see my face if they don’t prepare at least several millions of yuan.]

[I know you don’t believe it, so grandpa prepared a penguin number for you (37829, password: zhuoguishi)]

[Penguin is a Tencent’s operation platform]

After seeing that, Chen Yu really followed and logged into the penguin number, she frowned and continued to read the rest.

[This penguin number is the small portion of what grandpa have when I mixed inside the Jianghu. I won’t give you the big one, afraid that it would scare others. There are no friends connected to this penguin number, the only use is to connect to a group of Heavenly Teachers. When you’re free, take a look at the information inside and learn a lot of useful things. When you don’t have money, you can just take an order an earn some pocket money yourself.]

“Is this real or not?” Chen Yu lowered her head and continued reading the letter.

[After you somewhat grasped this group of ghost catching business, if you think you’re competent, grandpa wish that you can do something for Damu Village through the skills that grandpa had taught you and build a good road for them.]

Before seeing the last sentence, Chen Yu always thought that this was the 'Supernatural fraud' Old man’s way of joking with her. But when she saw the Old man asked her to help the villagers of Damu Village to build a road, Chen Yu suddenly somewhat believed it.

It’s the wish of the several generations of Damu Village’s villagers to build a road that can lead to the mountains. Although the 'Supernatural fraud' Old man was really weird in normal days, but he wouldn’t joke about this kind of thing.

“What are you reading books for? If you learn my skills properly, you can pay for the road construction by yourself alone.”

Chen Yu suddenly remembered this one sentence that the Old man said to her, and her whole person jumped out of the bed at once, ran barefoot to the desk, turned on the computer neatly, entered the account’s password that the Old man gave her, and finally, the mouse fell on the login button. At this time, Chen Yu took a deep breath and clicked heavily.

Ding ding.

The system’s crisp prompt sounded, Chen Yu looked at the group message sign flashing in the lower right corner incredulously before taking a breath.

This penguin account really can be used?

No way, Chen Yu, you’re too excited, what’s strange with an active penguin account? Let’s observe a bit more.

Chen Yu first checked the information on the penguin account and she found out that the old man didn’t exaggerate at all. This turned out to be an empty account with no friend except for a group called, ‘Gods and Ghosts Don't Ask’. Incidentally, the name given to this small account by the old man was ‘I’m Small Account’.

[T/N: Xiaohao 小号 is a small / subsidiary account outside of the main account]

Chen Yu couldn’t help but rolled her eyes at this name. She reached out to open the group chat window and began to silently pried at the screen.

Cassia Seed: ‘Feng Huo, how about selling me two intermediate exorcism talisman for a hundred thousand per sheet?’

Taoist Priest Feng Huo: ‘A hundred thousand a sheet? How much do you have? Give me all of them, I’ll buy!’

Cassia Seed: ‘You sh*t, if I can draw it, why would I ask you?’

Taoist Priest Feng Huo: ‘One hundred was the old price at ten years ago, are you sincere in buying ah? Two hundred one sheet, fixed price.’

Cassia Seed: ‘We’ve known each other for so many years, can’t you give a friendship price?’

An intermediate exorcism talisman for two hundred thousand? Chen Yu looked at the linen bag she threw aside casually, and there were dozens of intermediate exorcism talismans. If one sheet worth 200 thousand, then how much all of that worth?

No way, calm down, calm down, how could there be such a convenient thing? This kind of rune paper isn’t valuable, Old man only casually painted on them ah. The last time I went out to exorcise ghosts and used this intermediate talisman, Old man only got a hundred yuan in return.

Chen Yu shook her head and continued to quietly peeked at the screen, until a netizen named March Floating Rain spoke and Chen Yu began to be calm again.

March Floating Rain: ‘Anyone in the Imperial Capital?’

Cassia Seed: ‘Why?’

March Floating Rain: ‘Are you in the Capital? Then, can you help me? I picked up a business two days ago and was going to exorcise ghosts in the newly developed Riverside Park at the Hu’an Area, but I suddenly have some matter to do so I can’t go there anymore. If anyone of you can go there for me, I can pay a million.’

A million?? Chen Yu felt her adrenaline began to soar high.

Cassia Seed: ‘How many years of cultivation?’

March Floating Rain: ‘I tread on it once a bit, about a hundred years of cultivation.’

Cassia Seed: 'One hundred years of cultivation for a million, not worth it, not going.’

March Floating Rain: 'Are there any other brothers in the group that’s free? I can make an advance payment of 500 thousand yuan and you can just finish it before next month.'

Five hundred thousand advance payment? Advance payment, doesn’t it mean that you give the money first?

Chen Yu knew that this matter wasn’t credible, but the temptation of ‘advance payment’ was too great, and there should be no loss for her to just give her card number.

Chen Yu bit his finger and thought for two minutes, then decisively opened the dialog box to March Floating Rain, and the two chatted privately.

I’m Small Account: ‘One million? You can pay me in advance?’

March Floating Rain: ‘Yes, brother, do you want to take it?’

I’m Small Account: ‘Still thinking.’

March Floating Rain: Brother, give me your account number, I’ll transfer the money to you right now.’

This enthusiastic? Chen Yu blinked and then sent her bank account number, thinking that since there’s not even a cent inside her bank, so she can’t be cheated on anyway.

One minute later.

March Floating Rain: ‘Brother, I’ve sent the money, you can contact me again once the task is finished and I’ll send the rest of the payment.’

‘Ding dong’

Almost as soon as the other party’s message came in, Chen Yu’s phone received a text message. Chen Yu then opened her phone and read the message: (Qingmu Bank. Your account 62***888 has received a deposit of 500,000 yuan at 22:50, 26th, total balance: 500,000 yuan).

It couldn’t be a scam message, right? Chen Yu held the phone in her one hand and her bank card in another hand, trying to control her desire to jump out the window and find an ATM to check the balance.

Regardless of whether it’s true or not, Chen Yu couldn’t sleep well at night because of this. When she woke up in the morning the next day, she sat in the family’s dining room with dark eyes, fortunately, because of her dark complexion, other people didn’t find out about it.

“Xi… Shishi ah, did you sleep well last night?” Mother Chen felt that ‘Xi Shi’ was a bit too much, so she changed it to ‘Shishi’ automatically.

“Very good.” Chen Yu replied.

“It’s good then, it’s good.” Mother Chen smiled and added a bun for her daughter, “Eat more, then you’ll have the strength to go shopping with mom.”

“Mom also eat more.” Chen Yu also clipped a bun for Mother Chen.

Mother Chen immediately beamed with joy.

After breakfast, Mayor Chen went for work, Chen Yang went out with his classmate to play basketball while Chen Yu naturally followed Mother Chen to the mall.

Mother Chen seemed to want to spend all the money she hadn’t paid her daughter for the past 15 years. After entering the mall, she became out of control, as long as she thought that something could be used for her daughter, she would immediately buy it all. At the end of their shopping spree, when Chen Yu was breathing heavily as she almost broke her hands and feet for carrying the mountainous bags, Mother Chen finally took Chen Yu into a beauty center, and let the beautician give her daughter a set of full body whitening package.

“Shishi, Mother will accompany you to get some beauty treatment every weekend afterwards.” Mother Chen signed the POS receipt at the cashier.

When Chen Yu saw the POS receipt, she remembered the bank card that had been stuck inside her pocket while she walked with Mother Chen for a day. Because Chen Yu was rushed and dazed almost all of today, she hadn’t found the opportunity to go to an ATM and check her balance. While hesitating to find an excuse to go out, a beautician in a pink uniform came out of the room and said, “Mrs. Chen, Ms. Chen, the room is ready, we can start with the beauty treatment.”

“Shishi, let’s go.” Mother Chen went in as she pulled her daughter inside.

“Mom, you go inside first, I want to go to the toilet first.” Chen Yu said with a bit of embarrassment.

“Okay, then mom will go to change clothes first.” Mother Chen also didn’t think much and followed the beautician to the room.

Chen Yu waited for Mother Chen to enter the room before turning around and walked out. The beauty consultant at the door saw her and reminded her while smiling, “Ms. Chen, the store has toilets too.”

“It’s okay, I like the one outside.” After she said this, she didn’t wait for the other’ reaction before she trot all the way to the elevator right to the first floor. Chen Yu remembered seeing a bank outside the mall when she came here in the morning.

Chen Yu found an empty ATM machine, closed the door, inserted the card, entered her password and clicked to check on her balance.

Chen Yu froze at the monitor, blinked and then blinked again, and then read the Arabic numerals before reading the Chinese letters again. She still can’t believe that there were really half a million in her card. In order to ensure that the money was really her own, Chen Yu decided to take a hundred yuan for a try.

“Please take out your cash and receipt.”

Chen Yu gazed at the red hot freshly baked Grandpa Mao in her hand, and then looked at the balance of 499,900 in the monitor… and knocked her head on the machine.

Making money has become so easy, why do I suddenly begin to doubt how people handle their lives all this time?


Lol, I would too! (≧∀≦)

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