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Chapter 5: My Grandpa Is An Exorcist Master

Updated: May 17, 2020

After tossing about for one night, Chen Yu got up late the next morning and missed breakfast.

Chen Yu felt very guilty because she had never slept until this late, she smiled foolishly at Mother Chen in the living room.

“Shishi, you woke up.” Mother Chen smiled and waved at her daughter while telling Aunt Liu to bring out the warmed up breakfast.

“I… I woke up late.” Chen Yu rubbed against Mother Chen’s side and laughed awkwardly.

“It’s okay, it’s not too late, it’s still not ten o’clock yet.” Mother Chen didn’t think that her daughter was being lazy ah, sleeping late was good, if she woke up late, then that proved that her daughter already felt comfortable in this house ah.

Chen Yu was even more embarrassed when she heard this, mother ah, are you sure this isn’t a high-level fraudulence?

“Shishi, go to the dining room and eat your breakfast first, I’ll take you out later.” Since Mother Chen changed Chen Yu’s nickname from Xishi to Shishi yesterday, the father and son of the Chen family also followed suit.

“Where…” Chen Yu just wanted to ask where they would go, but she found out after she turned around that there were two teenagers aside from Mother Chen and Chen Yang in the living room. One of the teenagers with red hair was staring curiously at her.

Chen Yang walked over and introduced in a timely manner, “This is Qin Yi, and this is Shao Hui, they’re all students of Imperial University, one year older than you.”

After Chen Yang finished speaking, he turned to the two youngsters behind him and introduced his sister, “This is my sister, Chen Yu.”

“Hello.” The young man named Qin Yi was relativelt cold, he only nodded slightly to Chen Yu.

But Shao Hui, who had red hair, was much more dynamic, he smiled and said enthusiastically, “Hello ah, sister Yu, I heard that we went to kindergarten together when we were kids.”

“Re… really?” Chen Yu was embarrassed by the other calling him ‘sister Yu’, you have to know that in Damu Village, brother and sister were lover’s form of address. Chen Yu felt a bit uncomfortable when she heard this, so she said, “That, hello, I’m Chen Yu, you can also call me Xishi.”

As soon as Chen Yu’s words fell, Chen Yang secretly whispered ‘oh god…’, face-palming himself and looked at the others with shame.

Qin Yi’s face also showed a brief astonishment, and after Shao Hui froze for a while, he suddenly laughed and said, “Good name, good name.”

Chen Yu also giggled and the atmosphere around the three people became familiar instantly.

If Chen Yu wasn’t kidnapped fifteen years ago, she would grow up with Qin Yi and Shao Hui, speaking of familiarity, she might be more familiar with them than Chen Yang. After all, Chen Yang was four years older than them, so they generally won’t play together that much with Chen Yang.

But now, Chen Yu knew nothing about this circle. Chen Yang wanted her sister to integrate little by little, he’s afraid that she would be bullied so he selected very carefully before finding these two people that he considered as 'not bad'. At the same time, he also wished that they can help assist his sister in school.

Inside the car heading to suburban district’s horse racecourse.

“Sister Xishi, have you ride a horse before?” Shao Hui asked as he smiled.

“Just call me Xishi, don’t add sister.” Chen Yu corrected

“Why?” Shao Hui was uncertain,” We’re one year older than you.”

“It’s not because of the age difference.” Chen Yu furrowed her brows and explained, “At the place where I lived before, women and men can’t normally call brother or sister, it can cause misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding, what kind of misunderstanding?” Shao Hui asked in curiosity.

“That’s… lovers kind of misunderstanding.” Chen Yu said.

“Really?” Shao Hui became even more interested, “What to do? How about I become your boyfriend then?”

“No, you can’t.” Chen Yu shook her head with all her might.

When Chen Yang saw that Shao Hui was taking advantage of his sister, he was about to go to the back and teach this kid a lesson, but then he saw Chen Yu refused so he immediately closed his mouth and stopped it from talking.

Qin Yi who sat quietly on the side also looked over curiously over Chen Yu’s big reaction.

“Why?” Shao Hui was astonished.

“I don’t like you like that.” Chen Yu also very sincerely comforted him, “But, don’t be sad, you’re actually really handsome, it’s just that you’re not my type.”

Cough…” Qin Yi and Chen Yang didn’t expect to hear such an answer, they saw Shao Hui looked like he suffered from constipation and very dishonestly sneered at him.

“I… thank you.” Shao Hui said with a green face.

“You’re welcome, I’m just telling the truth.” the sincerity on Chen Yu’s face made Shao Hui felt terribly uncomfortable.

Qin Yi on the side tried his best to control his shaking shoulder and turned his concentration on the cars outside.

Shao Hui was so angry when he turned around and found Qin Yi actually laughing behind his back. With evil intention, he planned to pull him under the water, so he pointed to Qin Yi and asked, “Then what kind do you like? How about Qin Yi?”

“Shao Hui?!” Qin Yi turned his head and glared at Shao Hui.

“Also don’t like.” Chen Yu gave the answer in just a mere second, but she also gave comfort without discrimination, “Qin Yi, don’t be sad, you’re actually really handsome, it’s just…”

“He’s also not your type?” Shao Hui automaticalyl finished Chen Yu’s words.

Chen Yu nodded in big movements.

Qin Yi, who was a little embarrassed and uncomfortable, after being comforted by Chen Yu’s ‘following a set pattern’ words of consolation, suddenly wanted to laugh again.

“Then, your standard is too high ah.” Shao Hui asked, “We both already represent the top face of Imperial University, but you don’t even look at us ah, then what kind do you plan to find?”

As soon as Shao Hui’s words fell, the three men in the car raised their ears at the same time.

“I haven’t meet him yet, so I still don’t know.” Chen Yu seriously pondered over it for a while and came to this conclusion.

“Then when you’ve met him, remember to introduce him to us. I really want to see who’s better than me and Qin Yi.” Although Shao Hui said it like this, but the three men inside the car all knew that this girl was still a child and hadn’t began to widen her eyes yet.

However, after a really long time had passed, when Chen Yu finally brought her boyfriend to be introduced to them, they had no choice but to admit that there was truly someone who’s better than them in everything.

When they arrived at the Xijiao Racecourse, Chen Yang took Chen Yu to change clothes. Inside the female locker room’s entrance, she met Chu Xiao, the daughter of the Deputy Mayor of the capital, Chu Kaiwen.

“Brother Chen Yang.” Chu Xiao was wearing a neat riding suit and looked at Chen Yang with a surprised expression.

“Xiao Xiao?” Chen Yang was astonished to see her, “You’re also coming here to ride horse?”

“En, what a coincidence ah.” Chu Xiao turned to look at Chen Yu who was beside Chen Yang and said, “So this is Sister Chen Yu.”

Although Chen family didn’t publicize the fact that Chen Yu had been found, but the circle of this capital city was so large, so the news had already been spread around.

“Yes.” Chen Yang introduced, “Shishi, this is Chu Xiao.”

“Sister Chen Yu, I’m Chu Xiao, we have met before when we’re still young.” Chu Xiao warmly held Chen Yu’s hands.


“Are you here to change your riding clothes? I’ll take you inside.” Chu Xiao said as she also said to Chen Yang, “Brother Chen Yang, I can take Sister Chen Yu from here, you go and change clothes, we can meet at the racetrack later.”

“Okay, I’ll see you on the racetrack later.” Chen Yang thought that standing in front of women locker room was really inconvenient, so he agreed with Chu Xiao’s suggestion.

Chu Xiao took Chen Yu to the dressing room, helped Chen Yu picked a suit and let her went in to change clothes. However, just when Chen Yu finished changing her clothes, a girl with big eyes stood outside her door, looking at her curiously, while Chu Xiao had gone to who knows where.

“Are you Mayor Chen’s daughter that was kidnapped as a kid and had just been found back?” The girl with big eyes abruptly asked beside Chen Yu.

“...” Chen Yu frowned, not uttering a sound.

“Why are you not saying anything ah? I’m asking you.” the other party asked, somewhat not happy.

“Who are you?” Chen Yu asked.

“I’m Zhang Wenwen, my father is the Chief of Public Security Bureau.” Zhang Wenwen introduced herself and continued to ask, “I heard you were kidnapped to a particularly remote village in Qingmu province. Why are you so dark ah? Did you work in the sun everyday? I watched some rural pictures on TV, a lot of children at the age of 4 or 5 already had to work on the fields, did you also go to work when you’re 4 or 5 years old?”

Chen Yu didn’t like Zhang Wenwen’s way of speaking, she frowned and didn’t want to care about her, so she turned and walked to the other side, planning to wait for Chu Xiao to come back.

“Eh, I’m talking to you, why are you ignoring me?” Zhang Wenwen asked with a bit of anger.

“Can’t you see it?” Chen Yu’s patience was finally spent.


“I don’t want to have anything to do with you.”

“You...” Zhang Wenwen had never lost her face like this and her small face immediately turned red from anger.

At this time, Chu Xiao came in from outside and saw Chen Yu and Zhang Wenwen, she smiled and said, “Sister Chen Yu, Wenwen, you all have changed,”

“En.” Chen Yu nodded, but Zhang Wenwen grunted with a displeased face.

“What happened?” Chu Xiao looked at Zhang Wenwen strangely.

“Xiao Xiao, she...” Zhang Wenwen pointed to Chen Yu, after a pause, she pulled Chu Xiao to the corner and whispered, “I don’t like her, I don’t want to play together with her.”

“What’s wrong?” Chu Xiao asked her with a surprise.

“Anyway, I just don’t like her.” Zhang Wenwen said angrily.

“Did you forget? Today Brother Chen Yang especially invited Qin Yi and Shao Hui out to introduce his sister to them. If you don’t go out with Chen Yu, you can’t see Shao Hui then.” Chu Xiao reminded her.

“That... alright then.” Zhang Wenwen hesitated for a moment and reluctantly agreed.

Chu Xiao took Zhang Wenwen’s hand and walked to Chen Yu, saying with a smile, “Sister Chen Yu, let’s go together to the racecourse.”

Chen Yu nodded. They walked out of the locker room with the two behind her and went to the racecourse outside.

Chen Yang, Qin Yi and Shao Hui each had already lead a horse along and was now standing on the meadow. When they saw the three people coming over, Chen Yang waved his hand towards his sister, but the smiles on Qin Yi and Shao Hui frozed involuntarily when they saw the two people beside her.

“How come Chu Xiao and Zhang Wenwen here?” Shao Hui couldn’t help asking.

“Didn’t you tell them?” Qin Yi asked Shao Hui.

“How is that possible?” Shao Hui froze for a moment, and then as if guessing something, he cursed, “It must be that dead girl, Lele, I’ll clean her up when I go back later.”

Lele was Shao Hui’s sister, and she usually has a good relationship with Zhang Wenwen.

When Zhang Wenwen saw Shao Hui, she excitedly ran over and shouted, “Shao Hui, you’re here too, what a coincidence!”

Chu Xiao was a little reserved, so she smiled softly at Qin Yi, “Qin Yi, I didn’t expect that I can meet you here.”

Shao Hui’s face showed that he was impatient while Qin Yi nodded perfunctorily as a response.

On the other side, Chen Yang went to his sister and said, “I’ll take you to take a gentle pony, and then find a coach to teach you first.”

“There’s no need, I can ride horse.” Chen Yu smiled as she shook her head.

“You can ride horse?” Chen Yang was surprised this time.

And thus, when Chen Yu rode the horse around the racetrack ten times over, Chen Yang finally had to admit that not only his sister was able to ride horses, but her skill was also really good.

“WOW~~” When Chen Yu came back riding again, Shao Hui couldn’t help but praised, “So valiant! Xishi, when did you learn to ride?”

“When I was ten.” Chen Yu answered.

“Who taught you?” Chen Yang also curiously asked.

“No one taught me.” Chen Yu answered, “There’s a small group of wild horses near the village where I lived in. I was a friend with a small wild horse there, so when I was little, it always carried me to play, and I naturally learned how to ride.”

“Cool!” Shao Hui couldn’t help raising his thumb up, and Qin Yi on the side also couldn’t help but somewhat surprised.

“What are you so proud of?” Zhang Wenwen just couldn’t see how Shao Hui complimenting other people, and she whispered to Chu Xiao on her side, “In the countryside, isn’t it just cattles, sheeps, pigs and horses, these kind of animals? I’m afraid that others don’t know where she grew up.”

Chu Xiao pulled on Zhang Wenwen’s sleeve to let her lower her voice down.

Right until they left the racecourse, Shao Hui kept talking to Chen Yu, which made Zhang Wenwen had a bellyful of anger. She didn’t expect that Shao Hui would like someone like Chen Yu, after all, in her perception, Chen Yu was so ugly, so it was impossible for Shao Hui to look at Chen Yu. She just didn’t like that her sweetheart being so affectionate with other girls.

“Chen Yu.” Zhang Wenwen suddenly asked when several people were waiting for the car to come, “I heard that the grandfather who adopted you was a Paranormal fraud, right?”

As soon as Zhang Wenwen’s voice fell, the rest of the people couldn’t help but frowned, only Chen Yu replied calmly, “My grandpa is an exorcist master.”

“Exorcist Master? Then his work is catching ghosts, can you do it too?” Zhang Wenwen asked.

“Yes.” Chen Yu stretched her finger to Zhang Wenwen’s shoulder and smiled unusually mildly, “If you let me, I can help you exorcise the ghost on your shoulder.”

Author’s NOTE:

Chen Yu: You want to quarrel with me? I’ll scare you to death, hehe


Here comes the cannon fodders ლ(`∀´ლ)

Translator: MadPanda

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