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Chapter 6: Stealing Spiritual Aura

Updated: May 17, 2020

It has been more than ten minutes since the car drove from the Xijiao Racecourse. Shao Hui was still in the back laughing uncontrollably, he pointed to Chen Yu and said, “Xishi, I never expected you to be this kind of Xishi.”

As long as Shao Hui thought of Zhang Wenwen’s horrified expression just now, he couldn’t stop being happy.

“Why was Zhang Wenwen so scared after she listened to a few of your words?” Qin Yi was more sensible than Shao Hui, he always felt that Chen Yu’s tone of speech was too calm and certain, not like it was edited at all.

“Why else? It must be that Zhang Wenwen’s guts being too small.” Shao Hui said, “Luckily it’s daytime, if it’s at night, I’d have goosebumps hearing that.”

Shao Hui learned Chen Yu’s appearance just now and repeated what she said to Zhang Wenwen, “Have you been to a lake half a month ago? There’s a drowned little boy there, he must be around seven or eight years old, he has been calling on you sister, sister, please help me…, and he’s now laying on your shoulder.”

“Close your mouth.” Qin Yi snapped the finger that Shao Hui pointed at him.

“Did you panic?” Shao Hui asked, “When you’re pointed at by me, did you feel like you had something on your body?”

Qin Yi’s mouth didn’t speak out a word, but his face wasn’t pretty to look at.

Chen Yu just amusingly watched from the side.

Compared with the joyous atmosphere behind, Chen Yang’s mood was more subdued, because he realized that Zhang Wenwen’s attitude towards Shishi today would most probably be the attitude of the majority of people in the circle towards Shishi, although they may not be as obvious as Zhang Wenwen’s, but their hearts probably wouldn’t even give Shishi a glance. [looking down on her]

Although she’s his biological sister and the Mayor’s daughter, however, she had been kidnapped and lost since childhood, and her 15 years of unspeakable growth experience will be a stain on the eyes of these people. As long as Chen Yang thought that someone would despise and talk ill of his sister in places that he couldn’t see, his mood became irritable.

“Xishi, I have something to ask you. You can just not answer my question if you want, but don’t get angry ah, I’m just really curious.” Shao Hui looked at Chen Yu with a pair of curious eyes.

“You can ask.” Chen Yu smiled in amusement looking at him.

“Is your grandpa really an exorcist master?”

“Shao Hui!” As soon as Shao Hui’s words fell, Qin Yi couldn’t help but yell.

“I’m only really curious ah.” Shao Hui said with a wronged expression.

Chen Yang glanced at his sister from the rear view mirror. He didn’t blame Shao Hui for speaking about this, and also didn’t speak up to help answer. Because he knew that Shao Hui’s question wasn’t malicious, he was just curious about his sister’s attitude about this matter.

“That’s right ah, my grandpa is an exorcist master.” Chen Yu nodded calmly and answered.

“So there are really ghosts in this world?” Shao Hui whispered as he asked.

“There are if you believe, there isn’t if you don’t believe.” Chen Yu answered.

In fact, most people in the world can’t see ghosts, only those who are entangled with ghosts can perceive their existences, but those who are entangled with ghosts all have enmity and sin in their hearts, and so they naturally have ghosts inside their hearts too. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with saying this sentence at all.

[Panda: she's basically saying, the ghost exist (in your heart) if you believe them, and not exist (in your heart) if you don't believe them, if that makes sense...]

Upon hearing this, Shao Hui automatically determined that there were no ghosts in the world. He continued to ask curiously, “I often meet some fortune-tellers on the street, when they’re doing their job, they always say something paradoxical and cliche that can be applied to everyone’s circumstances, that’s why it can make people doubtful. Your grandpa is an exorcist master, are there also such rhetorical sentences, like the one you just said to Zhang Wenwen?”

“Actually, I really just saw a child on Zhang Wenwen’s shoulder, about seven to eight years old, his body was wet all over as if he had been just taken out of the water. He grabbed Zhang Wenwen’s shoulder tightly like this…” Chen Yu said as she leaned her body, wanting to grab Shao Hui’s shoulder.

“Hiii~~” Shao Hui took a breath in fright, shouting while hiding himself behind, “Just don’t say if you don’t want to say, why scare me ah?!”

“You deserve it.” Qin Yi happily sent out the three words.

“Hehe…” Chen Yu giggled while covering her mouth, she didn’t continue to scare Shao Hui.

Chen Yang looked at his sister’s reaction, and the frown on his forehead gradually relaxed. Even if she’s too shy to speak her mind, but she also won’t be ashamed into anger. Shishi was confident and calm about her past, neither haughty nor humble.

After the car returned to the army compound, the three of them made a promise to meet again after Imperial Capital University started its new semester, and then they each went to their own home.

Arriving at home, after she accompanied dad and mom to eat dinner, Chen Yu excused herself and went upstairs on the pretext that she’s too tired today. Thus, in the living room, there were only Chen parents and Chen Yang left.

“Did something happen today?” Although Shishi kept saying that she had a good time today at dinner, but Chen Yang kept a straight face all along. Mayor Chen knew that something else had happened in the afternoon.

Chen Yang didn’t conceal anything and told about Zhang Wenwen’s matter to his parents.

After listening to the story, Mayor Chen’s brows were furrowed while Mother Chen was even more angry, “How do Zhang family teach their daughter? She’s too much! I’ll go to Director Zhang’s wife tomorrow and have a good chat.”

“Even if you talk with the Zhang family, can you talk it out to everyone in the Imperial Capital’s circle?” Mayor Chen disagreed.

“Then tell me, what should we do?” Mother Chen was angry, “It was so difficult to find my daughter back, is she for them to bully as they please? What were you doing, Chen Yang? Watching your sister getting bullied?”

“...” Chen Yang looked at his mother like he had received an incomparably wrongful treatment, “Shishi was so powerful, I was just entirely useless.”

Chen Yang then continued to retell about how Chen Yu frightened Zhang Wenwen, and the content of her and Shao Hui’s conversation in the car to the Chen parents.

“I don’t think sister has inferiority because of her experience, she really likes Damu Village, and also really respects Wu Lao.” Wu Lao was the grandfather who raised Chen Yu, “Maybe all these years, she had been living a happier life than what we thought.”

“That’s right.” Mayor Chen agreed, “Furthermore, despite Shishi living under such harsh environment, she still can pass Imperial University's test by relying on herself. How many people from Qingmu Province that can pass Imperial University's exam ah? You can just go outside and ask how many children inside the circle that can have such a high score? Those who despise our Shishi, we don’t need to bother about them, we can just not interact with them in the future.”

“Then, it’s just like this?” Mother Chen was still somewhat angry.

“Didn’t Chen Yang say that our daughter didn’t suffer any losses? After all…” Mayor Chen looked at his son, “If ever your sister get any disadvantage, can you just stand and not care about it?”

“Of course I can’t.” Chen Yang immediately assured.

After Mother Chen listened to her son’s assurance, her mood became slightly better, however, she still secretly remembered the Zhang family. The next time Mrs. Zhang came to cotton up to her, Mother Chen resolutely won’t respond to her.

However, on the other side, Chen Yu who went upstairs on the pretext to rest, was actually sitting on the bed cross-legged while chatting with March Floating Rain after receiving a notice from the bank.

I’m Small Account: ‘I’ve received the money.’

March Floating Rain: ‘Brother, master ah, that century-old female ghost was broken directly by you? The people I sent to check said to me that there wasn’t even a trace of the ghost spirit there, it was as clean as if there has never been any ghost in the first place.’

I’m Small Account: ‘I didn’t break her, I opened the Underworld Gate and sent her away.’

March Floating Rain: ‘Oh sh-, oh shi-! Omg, I’m so excited!’

I’m Small Account: ‘…’

March Floating Rain: ‘You can actually open the Underworld Gate????’

March Floating Rain: ‘Brother, master ah!! If this is your small account, then what is the big account?’

Seeing this sentence, Chen Yu remembered that she hadn’t changed the name of this penguin account, so she clicked on the settings and changed her name.

I Want To Fix Road: ‘Not small account.’

March Floating Rain: ‘…’

March Floating Rain: ‘Brother, your taste is really unique.’

I Want To Fix Road: ‘The money has been received, if there’s nothing else then I’ll go offline.’

March Floating Rain: ‘Wait wait wait wait…’

March Floating Rain: ‘Brother, let’s add friends ah, I’ll find you in the future if I have things that need your help, okay?’

Chen Yu took a glimpse at the 500 thousand yuan notification on her phone just now, then replied with risen eyebrows.

I Want To Fix Road: ‘That have to depend on the payment.’

March Floating Rain: ‘Brother, don’t worry, the one million given to you this time isn’t the price for opening the Underworld Gate. The next time, if I ask you to do something that needs you to open the Underworld Gate, the price will definitely be higher than this.’

Higher than a million??? Chen Yu sat up straight with excitement.

I Want To Fix Road: ‘Then you can find me later if you have something, and I’ll pick it up when I have the time.’

March Floating Rain: ‘Then, should we first add friends?’

Chen Yu approved March Floating Rain’s friend application, logged out, and then rolled on the bed with her phone, “Lots of money, lots of money, hahahahaha~~!”

After Chen Yu rolled for a while, she climbed back up again. She took out the bank card from her wallet and placed it in front of her, and assuredly said, “Old man, don’t you worry, I’m holding Damu Village’s road! From now on, this card will be a special fund for Damu Village’s road construction!”

“But…” Chen Yu wondered, “How much does it cost to build a road?”

Chen Yu surfed on the internet with her phone but found nothing. After thinking about it, she decided to find an opportunity and ask her family’s father, anyway, isn’t he a Mayor? Surely he also handle road construction?


Suddenly, the linen bag on the bedside table shook, letting Chen Yu recovered her senses before reaching out for the compass inside.

“You’re also so useless ah.” Chen Yu looked at it for a while and found out that the spiritual energy inside the compass wasn’t enough, she couldn’t help but asked, “I only used you once to open the Underworld Gate and you have emptied your energy? Weren’t you more durable when Old man used you before?”

Buzz buzz…”

The compass shook twice, the pointer rolled rapidly and pointed to the north.

“You’re not thinking about…?” Chen Yu knew what it wanted to do by looking at the direction of the pointer and refused decisively, “No, you can’t go there, can’t you just slowly absorb energy from the air?”

Buzz buzz, buzz buzz.

“I know, I know, but I can’t do anything ah.”

In fact, Chen Yu was also worried, she must rely on the compass to open the Underworld Gate with her current strength, and the compass will consume a large amount of energy to assist her in opening the gate. Wu Lao’s own strength was high, and he only used the compass to calculate the position of the Underworld Gate, so it won’t consume the compass’s aura too much. This was why Wu Lao can use the compass many times over and the compass would still be full of energy. However, Chen Yu only opened the Gate once, and the compass almost depleted all of its energy.

However, if there’s no assistance from the compass, Chen Yu was really not sure if she can open the Underworld Gate by relying on her own strength. Furthermore, even if she didn’t want to open the Gate, the compass itself has a protective function, if she came across a particularly ferocious evil spirit, if there’s no energy left in the compass, then it would be really dangerous for her.

Chen Yu gazed at the north, she knew in her heart that the house with such abundance of spiritual energy was really hard to come by. This time, she had expended a total of six elementary expelling talismans, consumed the energy in the compass, and even consumed more than half of her own spiritual energy.

It was still okay with her own consumed energy, as long as she properly practice austerities, she would recover within a week. Those exorcise talismans were also alright, when her energy had recovered, she can draw them all in just a day. The problem was only the compass, if she had to wait for it to replenish its energy, she estimated that it would take around two or three months to be full. If she can only make one million in two or three months, then the speed of making money will be greatly reduced.

Chen Yu bit her finger and looked back and forth between the compass and the bank card. Eventually, for money, no, it should be the desire to repair Damu Village’s road had prevailed. And thus, she once again jumped down from the second floor window, following the dim light and the familiar road, she finally arrived at the outside of Lou family’s small compound.

Chen Yu felt the aura around her, chose a particular place that was rich in energy, dug a hole, and put the compass inside.

Buzz buzz…”

The compass seemed extremely dissatisfied with this position because the energy inside the wall was denser, why should it be placed outside?

“Be well-behaved, okay?” Chen Yu tapped the compass and whispered, “I tell you, this courtyard is owned by someone else, we can’t just casually go inside. It’s already immoral to steal energy under other people’s roof ah, you have to be content. I’ll bury you here first, I estimate that you can finish absorbing the energy after three days, I’ll dig you out at that time.”

Buzz buzz…”

The compass still seemed dissatisfied.

“If you keep on talking nonsense, I won’t even let you stay here.” Chen Yu saw that the compass finally became obedient, so she pushed some soil to fill the hole and leveled it, then stepping on it to make it firmer. She also moved a stone from the side and pressed it on top before sneaking back home.

Chen Yu had just walked away for less than two minutes, and the closed gate of the Lou family’s compound was opened. A robust man in camouflage clothes came out and walked to the position where Chen Yu had just buried the compass in. He dug out the compass and brought it into the yard.

Author’s NOTE:

Lou Ming: This girl, so troublesome!!


Is it only me that think that the compass is cute? ♡(ŐωŐ人) It's acting like a spoiled cute kid ah~

Translator: MadPanda

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