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Chapter 8: School Started

Updated: May 17, 2020

In a few days, the Imperial University was about to open. According to Chen Yu’s plan, she had registered at the university earlier at this time, so when she returned back to the Chen family, she didn’t need to be so anxious about it.

“Shishi ah, are you going to live in campus, or are you going to live at home?” Mother Chen asked at breakfast.

Chen Yu naturally wanted to live in school, but when she turned her head and looked at Mother Chen’s expression, her mouth suddenly couldn’t speak.

“Of course she would live on campus.” Mayor Chen noticed her daughter’s difficulty and said to help, “University is the right time to make friends, if she lives at home, there will be less time to interact with her classmates.”

“That’s right ah.” Mother Chen could also understand it, but she felt that she had just found her lost daughter for a few days before she had to leave the house again, of course her heart would feel reluctant.

“Mom.” Chen Yu comforted, “My school isn’t far away, I’ll come back here every weekend in the future. If you miss me, you can come to school to find me.”

“Alright, alright, then you have to return home every weekend ah.”

“En.” Chen Yu nodded heavily at Mother Chen, letting her felt happy.

Sure enough, a daughter is the intimate little cotton padded jacket, Mayor Chen comfortably ate an extra bun and turned to her son, “You also will come back every weekend in the future.”

“I’ll come back if there’s no other plan.” Chen Yang was a policeman. After graduating from police school, he directly entered the Criminal Police Brigade. He often lived in the dormitory for work convenience and rarely returned home. This time, he took a long vacation because he had to take Chen Yu back, but he soon had to go back to work again.

“En.” Mayor Chen also understood the nature of his son’s work and didn’t force him.

Chen Yu waited until Father Chen had more or less done with his meal before she hesitantly asked what he thought about yesterday’s matter, “Dad, can I ask you something?”

Mayor Chen gave a surprise look at Chen Yu, this was the first time that she took the initiative to ask questions after she returned home, so he immediately became interested. He put down his chopsticks and looked at his daughter, asking gently, “What’s the problem?”

“Just… do you know how much it costs to build a road on the mountain?” Chen Yu blinked her big eyes and looked at Mayor Chen with expectation.

“Build road?” Mother Chen looked at her daughter with some puzzle, Chen Yang was also curious.

“Is it for Damu Village?” Although Mayor Chen didn’t personally go to Damu Village to pick up his daughter, he knew the environment where Chen Yu grew up clearly, so when Chen Yu asked him how much money it would take to build a road, Mayor Chen immediately thought of Damu Village.

Chen Yang also guessed right, when he went to the mountain to find Chen Yu, he can only arrive at Damu Village with a motorcycle after a long 10 hours of arduous ride, he knew the road condition clearly.

“En.” Chen Yu explained, “It takes too much effort to go to the city from Damu Village. When I was a kid, I went to school at the neighboring town, I had to get up at five every morning and walked for two and a half hours to get there. Later, when I was in junior high and high school, I had to live in school and I could only go back once a month.”

“Actually, Damu Village is still very close to the urban area, with several mountains in between. The village chief said that as long as Panshan Highway is repaired, people in Damu Village will be able to get in and out easily, and the people in the village can live a better life.” Chen Yu said, “And, don’t people in the city like to travel now? The scenery of our Damu Village is particularly good, perhaps, we’d be able to develop the tourism there.”

“When I was admitted to college, I promised the village chief that if I can make money in the future, I will find a way to help the village build a road.” Thinking that she’s able to make money now, Chen Yu said excitedly, “So I want to ask how much money is needed, that way, I can plan well ah.”

Chen Yu was still speaking with excitement, she simply didn’t realize that the three people’s faces suddenly became heavy, and after she finished speaking, Mother Chen was already crying.

“Mom, why are you crying?” Chen Yu was startled.

“When you were a kid, you had to walk through the mountain for two and a half hours to go to school, isn’t the mountain road dangerous? Did you have any adults with you?” The more Mother Chen said, the more she felt aggrieved, it was as if she saw Chen Yu, at the age of six or seven, such a little child, crossing over mountain after mountain while the sky is still dark by herself to go to school.

“Mom, mom, don’t cry, am I not okay now?” Chen Yu understood that Mother Chen felt distressed for her, she suddenly felt a twinge of guilt, she herself didn’t feel that it was that hard when she was a child, but when she saw Mother Chen sad like this, she also felt somewhat unwell.

Chen Yang handed over the napkin, while Chen Yu pulled out two sheets and helped wipe Mother Chen’s tears.

“Right, isn’t the child okay now? Don’t cry.” Mayor Chen was also somewhat sad, but he was more rational than Mother Chen.

Mayor Chen knew, when Chen Yu was brought to Qingmu Province, she fell ill before they can find a buyer. The traffickers looked for several village doctors for her, but when they heard that it can’t be cured, they threw Chen Yu in the mountains for fear of getting into more trouble. Chen Yu happened to be picked up by Wu Lao who was going out to do things for others, then he brought her to Damu Village to raise her up.

Therefore, with how kind the people in Damu Village were to Chen Yu, she will always remember to repay them, and that’s why she wanted to build them a road. Mayor Chen was both proud and ashamed of his daughter’s approach of repaying back in his heart.

“If you just want to build a road in the village, it won’t take much money, but if you want to build Panshan highway that connects the urban area, then you can’t do it alone.” Mayor Chen looked at his daughter and patiently explained.

Chen Yu didn’t know much about this aspect, “But the village chief said that the road was about to be built ten years ago, but because of the lack of funds, there’s no way to build it anymore.”

“The local government might had a plan ten years ago, but then it was stranded for some reason.” Mayor Chen speculated.

“Then, how can I build the road ah?” Chen Yu said anxiously.

Mother Chen saw her daughter’s anxiousness and immediately helped her, “Jianxun, do you know anyone in Qingmu Province? Help your daughter to ask around.”

Mayor Chen looked at his wife, frowning in difficulty.

“It’s not that I’m asking you to do anything, isn’t it just asking? Can’t it be done?” Mother Chen thought that this matter wouldn’t violate any law, it was just asking, so there should be no problem.

Mayor Chen saw his daughter’s expectant gaze, then he nodded after some thoughts, “I’ll find someone to inquire.”

“Thank you, dad!” Chen Yu was immediately very happy.

Mayor Chen stood up, rubbed his daughter’s head and said warmly, “I’m going to work.”

The time passed quickly, and in a blink of an eye, it was almost time for school. Mother Chen originally wanted to send her daughter to school in person, but because of some matter, she had to go to another part of the country for a few days, so she just gave her daughter the things that she prepared in advance, and then told Chen Yu in passing that she has to put on sunscreen during military training sessions to prevent her skin from getting darker.

Mayor Chen had tons of things that he had to take care of everyday, so he naturally didn’t have time to send his daughter to school, finally, the task of sending Chen Yu fell to Chen Yang. Chen Yang took a leave of absence, but who knew that he would get a call from his captain when the car had just arrived at the Imperial University’s gate, saying that the case he had been investigating had major breakthrough and to immediately go back.

Chen Yang looked at Chen Yu apologetically, “Sorry, brother can’t accompany you to register, I’ll let Shao Hui and Qin Yi to come over and pick you up.”

“It’s okay, I’m already this big, I can handle it myself.” Chen Yu smiled, shaking her head.

“Then I’ll go first.” The case was urgent, Chen Yang didn’t dare to stay any longer, so he drove away after saying some more words.

Chen Yu waited until the car drove away, and then dragged her suitcase inside the university. Following some direction signs, asking some people along the road, Chen Yu completed the enrollment and found the girl’s dormitory where she would be staying.

When she arrived at the dormitory, there were already two girls inside. One with a lovely round features called Fang Feifei, the other was a tall girl named Zhang Muwan, both of whom were natives of Imperial City.

The three exchanged their names, when Fang Feifei knew that Chen Yu was also Imperial City’s people, she asked in surprise, “Chen Yu, did you go to the beach for you summer vacation? That’s why you got sunburned like this.”

“No, I was in Qingmu Province during the summer vacation.” Chen Yu didn’t want to mention her own ‘complicated’ life experience with others, so she casually avoided it.

“Qingmu Province is located in the subtropical region, the sunshine is strong there, and the people there generally have a somewhat darker skin.” Zhang Muwan quipped, “If you say that you’re someone from Qingmu Province, I will believe it.”

“It can also be said like this, my grandpa is from there, and I often go to see him.” Chen Yu explained.

“So it’s like this.”

While the three were talking, the last roommate in their dormitory room arrived. They saw a beautiful fair lady in a floral dress, walking inside with two men carrying her luggage.

“I’m here, thank you, seniors.” The beauty smiled and thanked the two boys for their help.

“Junior sister Youyou, come find us if you want us to do anything ah.” The two boys left reluctantly under the sweet smile of the beauty.

“Finally left.” The beauty took a deep breath and turned to meet two pairs of ridiculing eyes and one pair of curious eyes. Han You thought that they should be her roommate, so she smiled and introduced herself generously, “My name is Han You, you can call me Youyou, you guys are my roommate, I’m very happy to meet you.”

The four of them introduced themselves again, Fang Feifei was quite lively, grabbing Han You and asked, “Youyou, did the two seniors were interested in you?”

“What interest? It’s just that they saw me having a difficulty with my luggage, so they offered help ah, don’t you guys have seniors to help you with your luggage? Han You asked.

“No ah.” It was only Chen Yu that shook her head honestly.

The three of them turned to look at Chen Yu, facing Chen Yu’s dark skin, silently showing sympathetic eyes.

“Might be because my things were less than yours.” Chen Yu thought.

“That’s right!” When interacting with new friends, the three people were very gentle and didn’t reveal the truth.

The four girls chatted for a while until it was time for lunch, they decided to go together, and then strolled around the campus. As soon as the four people walked out of the dormitory door, Chen Yu heard someone shouting her name.


“Shao Hui, Qin Yi!” Chen Yu turned to see the two handsome guys at the door of her dormitory, she immediately walked over with a surprised face, “Why are you guys here?”

“Didn’t brother Chen Yang said to wait for us at the gate? How come you weren't there and you didn’t even pick up the phone when we called?” Shao Hui said with gnashed teeth.

“Ah?” Chen Yu pulled out her phone from her bag, sure enough, she saw several missed calls, she immediately felt guilty, “I turned my phone on silent mode earlier so I didn’t hear it.”

“Forget it, it’s good that you’re fine.” Shao Hui saw that Chen Yu kept on peeking to the three girls behind him and Qin Yi, he smiled and waved his hand, “Hello, you guys are Xishi’s roommate right? Do you want to go to lunch together?”

Chen Yu turned her head and saw the three girls nodding without restraint.

Inside the Lou family’s small courtyard, Lou Ming was making a video call with Master Mao.

“Isn’t tomorrow the opening ceremony of Imperial Capital University?” Master Mao asked.

“En.” Lou Ming nodded.

“I can’t go this time, but I’ve prepared a few things in advance, at the time, you can just sit down on the podium.” Master Mao said.

Lou Ming frowned, raised his hand and looked at the jade buckle worn on his left wrist with a red string, he said worriedly, “How about we just pass it this time? If something goes wrong and you’re not there, you won’t have any way to control it.”

“Lou Ming, the opening ceremony of the Imperial Capital University is when Wenquxing entered the world, the auspicious aura will envelop the entire university compound, it was the only opportunity when you can release your evil energy, you must not let it slip by.” Master Mao said rightfully.

[T/N: Wenquxing is the legendary deity of imperial examinations and literary affairs]

Lou Ming was silent, of course he knew that this was his only chance, but Master Mao couldn’t go to the Imperial University with him this year, if something unexpected happened and no one can deal with it, the consequences will be disastrous.

“Lou Ming, I will send my disciple over, as long as the auspicious aura gathered, then you take off the jade buckle, there won’t be any accident.” Master Mao consoled him.

“Alright.” Lou Ming finally nodded.


I felt ashamed that I was such a lazy panda that didn't like going to school although the school was so easy to be reached... ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

Ooff~ I hope those three new girls will be good friends. *crossingmyfingers* (っ´ω`c)

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