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Chapter 9: I’ve Already Caught You

Updated: May 17, 2020

“Feifei, hurry up, we’re already late!”

Following the shout of Zhang Muwan, Fang Feifei hurriedly ran out of the dormitory, and the four girls who had just met for a day walked to the university’s sports ground in laughter.

Today is the opening ceremony of Imperial University, the four of them arrived at the sports ground late because of Fang Feifei. The four could only stood behind the crowd silently and looked at the podium from afar, but they couldn’t see clearly in this distance after all.

At ten o’clock, the broadcast music immediately stopped, and the opening ceremony immediately began. The host introduced the leaders of the school on the stage, while the four on the back clapped continuously, in any case, they can’t see clearly, so they just decided to follow everyone.

“Now, I invite a freshman representative of this year to speak on behalf of the new students.” After another round of applause, Chen Yu saw a boy standing in front of the microphone from afar.

“I heard that Qin Yi was the freshman representative last year, I don’t know if ours is also as handsome or not.” Fang Feifei asked, looking at the blurred figure in the distance while whispering.

“That couldn’t be ah.” Han You replied, “There are very few people as handsome as Qin Yi.”

“I really envy Xishi, unexpectedly, she lives in the same big compound as the most handsome boy.” Yesterday, the three heard Shao Hui called her ‘Xishi, xishi’, so they all changed her form of address after they returned.

Chen Yu grinned under the three’s envious eyes, and when she was about to say something, she suddenly felt the atmosphere around changed.

Chen Yu’s eyes lit up, and her eyes fell on the podium again. She saw a pale golden light falling from the sky on the head of the freshman representative who was speaking, followed by a dozen of similar lights falling on the crowd standing on the sports ground. Chen Yu raised her head and looked in the direction of the golden lights, and found a faintly discernible star.

Is that…Wenquxing?

[fun fact: Wenquxing has the character of ‘star’ in it]

The golden light fell one by one, Chen Yu heard a light hum like it was coming from the earth itself as a huge aura suddenly arose from the ground merged with those golden lights, forming a huge pale of golden light ball, rapidly expanding around the sports ground, and the entire campus was enshrouded within it in a matter of seconds.

How comfortable…

Chen Yu didn’t have time to sigh before a blood red fiendish evil spirit rose from the ground, colliding with the auspicious aura in the sky.

Blocking the auspicious aura?

Chen Yu frowned tightly, looking at the direction of the podium, feeling a little puzzled. It’s such powerful evil spirits, how could I not found it before?

The blood red evil spirits fell from the chairperson on the stage, the first to be affected was the freshman standing underneath, but the sky above the sports ground was covered by a transparent, sturdy boundary which slowed down the infiltration speed of those evil spirits. When the evil spirits seeped outside the boundary little by little, they were dealt with by the auspicious aura from inside so that they wouldn’t cause any bad impact on the students here.

On the high podium, Lou Ming, as a honorary professor of the Imperial University, sat at the very corner position, there was the jade buckle that he had just undid on the table in front of him. Just now, he felt the dense auspicious aura, and under the prompt of Master Mao’s disciple, he unfastened the jade buckle on his wrist, allowing the long-sealed evil spirits to be released without scruple. While his body was extremely relaxed, but his heart was strained like a taut string

“Please rest assured, Third young master, the formation has been activated, and the evil spirit won’t affect the students and teachers inside this university.” Master Mao’s disciple, Lin Gui, said.

“That’s good.” When Lou Ming heard this, his complexion slightly relaxed and his anxious heart gradually eased down, “Mr. Lin, please continue to observe. If there’s any problem, remind me in time, and I will immediately wear the jade buckle and leave here.”

The students standing under the stage were the future of the motherland, and they can’t be lost because of him.

“Don’t worry, Third young master, everything is normal at the present.” Lin Gui continued to look over the audience after saying this sentence, paying close attention to the direction of those evil spirits.

“I’ve troubled you.”

Lou Ming sat on the stage, listening to the speech of the freshman representative, feeling the relaxation that he hadn’t felt for such a long time as those evil spirits were released from his body.

An hour later, the opening ceremony officially ended, and the principal of Imperial Capital University came to Lou Ming and said with a smile, “Professor Lou, I look forward to your lecture this year.”

“I will do my best to prepare.” As the honorary professor of Imperial Capital University, and also as a compensation, after the opening ceremony every year, and when the evil spirits in his body was at their weakest, he will offer a lecture as repayment.

“Alright.” Lou Ming came across the principal at the research conference of the Chinese Academy of Science, the principal found that although he was young, he had a very extensive, deep knowledge, and brilliant study on physics, chemistry, mathematics etc, and accordingly so, the principal solicited him to come to Imperial Capital University to teach. It was a pity that Lou Ming seemed to be in poor health. Finally, at the principal's repeated invitation, Lou Ming reluctantly agreed to come to Imperial University and open one lecture every year.

However, one lecture is enough, one should know that each of Lou Ming’s lecture would bring some new ideas and research directions, far exceeding the current world’s level.

The principal still had a lot of work to do, and considering Lou Ming’s physical condition, the principal left after a few words of greeting. At this time, Lin Gui had already packed up the things that was used to arrange the formation and went back to Lou Ming again, “Third young master, this time, the auspicious aura had blocked the evil spirit very smoothly."

“I have troubled Mr. Lin.” Lou Ming nodded to show his appreciation.

“Third young master is too polite.” Lin Gui looked at the faint auspicious aura that was still lingering in the air and said, “Third young master, if there’s nothing urgent, it’s better to walk around the campus for a while.”

Lou Ming looked at Lin Gui with astonishment.

“This year’s students’ destinies seemed to be more in line with Wenquxing than the previous ones, the auspicious aura on the campus is also much stronger than in previous years. You always stay alone in the small courtyard on weekdays, and today you have a rare opportunity to walk on campus. Don’t worry, there won’t be any problem for two or three hours.” Lin Gui said.

“Thank you, Mr. Lin.”

Lin Gui half raised his body towards Lou Ming in a polite gesture, and brought his assistant with him to leave the Imperial University.

He Qi, who was standing beside him, naturally heard what Lin Gui said, so he walked to Third young master and reminded in a low voice, “Third young master, please walk around.”

Lou Ming froze for a moment, then gently rose from his seat. With a touch of novelty, he walked into the crowd for the first time.

“So handsome ah, is he a teacher in our school?”

“Where will there be such a young and handsome teacher at Imperial University?”

“Then, a senior? If he’s a senior, I don’t know if he has a girlfriend or not.”

Are the female students now so bold? Lou Ming shook his head, he can’t help laughing in spite of himself, but this feeling was indeed, very novel and very pleasant. Lou Ming continued to walk along the school’s main road to the place where most of the students gathered.

Chen Yu, who was following far behind Lou Ming, discovered that this man, with a whole body filled with evil spirits, it’s okay if he didn’t leave the school ground, but to even going to a crowded place, she suddenly couldn’t bear it anymore. She walked over a few steps, caught up with Lou Ming and grabbed the other’s arm.

His arm was suddenly grabbed by someone, Lou Ming turned around in surprise, and met a pair of black and bright eyes.

“You follow me.” Chen Yu, regardless of whether the other party agreed or not, dragged Lou Ming and ran into the grove beside the road.

He Qi chased with two bodyguards and found that Chen Yu was pulling Third young master to have a chat by the lake outside the grove. She didn’t seem to do anything that would be harmful to Third young master, so they hid themselves within the trees.

“This isn't good.” Chen Yu dragged the man to the empty lake before releasing him, and then looked at Lou Ming with her serious small face.

“What?” Lou Ming looked at Chen Yu with a questioning look.

“Don’t feign ignorance ah.” Chen Yu stared at Lou Ming and asked, “Wasn’t it you that just sat on the podium?”

“Yes.” Lou Ming nodded.

“Aren’t you the person that just used the auspicious aura to block the evil spirit just now?” Chen Yu asked again.

Lou Ming’s calm expression instantly froze.

“Hah, I guessed right, your have a guilty conscience.” Chen Yu pointed to Lou Ming proudly, “ I’m an exorcist, I’m very sensitive to evil spirits ah.”

So this girl is an exorcist.

“So?” Lou Ming blinked, looking at the little girl’s proud look, he suddenly felt somewhat amused.

“What?” Chen Yu froze.

“I’m discovered by you, what are you going to do to me?” Lou Ming asked with interest.

“You…” Chen Yu hesitated and said, “I think that you sitting on the podium means that you know the leaders of the school. Moreover, when the evil spirits were roused, the sports ground was already set up with a boundary that could block them so they didn’t cause any bad effect, so I thought that you don’t have any thoughts about harming people.”

Lou Ming raised his eyebrow, he didn’t expect the little girl to speak out all the arrangements of Master Mao and Lin Gui in just a few simple words, seems like this girl has some skills.

“Therefore, I won’t argue about the things before, but how can you go around in campus ah?” Chen Yu said seriously, “You have evil spirits in your body, although most of them had been washed away by the auspicious aura just now, the evil spirits in your body will still affect the weaker people around you. And although there are still some auspicious aura around the school, it may disappear any time now. Do you know that it’s easy to affect others when you walk around like this?”

“So you pulled me over, do you want me to leave from here?” Lou Ming asked.

“That’s right.” Chen Yu raised her head, a pair of big, clear eyes blinked and blinked.

Lou Ming suddenly thought of Chen Yu when she was a child, this expression of hers now seemed to be the same as before. She tilted her head and blinked her eyes while calling him big brother, but the girl at that time was a lot fairer than now.

“Then, what if I don’t want to leave?” Lou Ming suddenly wanted to tease the little girl.

“Not leaving?” Chen Yu frowned.

Lou Ming returned her a ‘what will you do?’ smile.

This person actually attacked her with a smile, it was simply too provoking! Chen Yu immediately became angry, she extended her finger and pointed it to Lou Ming, saying with an overbearing manner, “If you don’t go, be careful that I’ll catch you!”

When Chen Yu said ‘I’ll catch you’ these three words, her palm unfolded in front of his face, then she pulled it to make a fist, making a gesture as if she was catching him.

Pfft~!” Chen Yu thought that she was intimidating to Lou Ming, but in actuality, her endearingly silly, adorable movements amused him to no end.

“You… you’re still laughing!” Chen Yu became more angry, “I tell you, I have caught a one thousand year old zombie, your itty bitty evil spirits are simply too easy, if it’s not because of my master’s rule to not undertake a task if there’s no money, believe it or not, I’d have already caught you by now!”

“Are you so powerful?” Lou Ming also knew that he was being somewhat impolite because he couldn’t hold back and laughed just now, so he quickly adjusted his facial expression.

“It seems that you won’t believe me if I don’t show my skill.” Thinking of his teacher’s rule that she shouldn’t show her skill without getting money, Chen Yu suddenly asked fiercely, “Do you bring money?”

Lou Ming froze for a moment, then shook his head. He didn’t go out on weekdays, where would he bring money with him?

“Then, do you have anything valuable?” Chen Yu asked again.

Lou Ming fumbled around his pockets and finally pulled out a pen. This pen was a birthday gift from Lou Ming’s elder sister, it was said that the tip of the pen was made of pure gold, which was very precious.

“It’s just a pen, forget it, you’re too cheap ah.” Chen Yu grabbed the pen in his hand under Lou Ming’s amazed gaze and put it inside her own pocket before reaching over Lou Ming’s palm. Under Lou Ming’s puzzled gaze, she gathered spiritual energy and drew a calming spirit charm on Lou Ming’s palm.

When the last stroke was drawn, Lou Ming clearly felt that all of the evil spirits around his body suddenly disappeared.

“Now, do you know how powerful I am?” When Chen Yu saw his shocked expression, she proudly said, “ This is just a simple charm which can keep those evil spirits in control within two hours. That’s why, your evil spirits can’t hurt me at all, while I’m in a good mood now, you better leave here quickly, or else, I’ll really show you my skill ah.”

At this time, Chen Yu’s phone rang, she picked it up and saw that Fang Feifei was calling her to eat. She put away her phone and glared at Lou Ming, “I’m going to eat, you hurry and go.”

After speaking, Chen Yu hurried and ran out. After she’s already at quite a distance, she suddenly turned her head back and looked at Lou Ming, and once again did that gesture of ‘catching’ him.

Ha-…” Lou Ming closed his mouth with his palm and laughed the second time.

“Third young master?” He Qi saw that Chen Yu had walked away, so he came over, feeling uncertain.

“Let’s go back.” Lou Ming turned and walked outside the school, although he was really curious how this little girl was going to ‘catch’ him.


Chen Yu, be careful that you're gonna be the one who got 'caught' instead (*≧∀≦*)

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